Connecting a native WireGuard Mac VPN client

Christopher Dakin

Installation and configuration of the Mac VPN client can be done from the LogonBox VPN UI.


1. Configuring the client

Navigate to https://<logonboxserver> and log on with your created user into the User Portal.


You should be presented with the Overview page.

As we are using the WireGuard third party client, first click on the Devices tab, then on the Use 3rd Party Client link at the bottom


First enter a name for this connection and click Next.


Now, we need the client configuration file.

There are 3 options to get the config - A QR code, the Raw config file text, or click the Download button.

For MacOS, click the Download button to save the required .conf file, after which you can click Close.


Download and install the Wireguard client from the Mac App Store if you haven't done so already and launch the client.



You should be presented with a blank tunnels page.

Click Import tunnel(s) from file and load the config file just downloaded.


Click Allow when asked if you would like to add VPN Configurations.


The configuration is now imported.


2. Connecting the client

Now you can click Activate to connect the client up. The client should have a green circle in status and 'Active' when connected.


You will also get a connection notification in the top bar where you can quickly connect/disconnect.


You should now be able to access addresses in the remote network.