Customizing the Portal

Lee David Painter


The default portal of LogonBox presents a number of clear action buttons for end users. It also provides a link for the administrative login.


All the text on this page is configurable as well as the visibility of any action or the administrative link.


Removing the Administration Link

Navigate to Authentication Flows->Authentication Options and select the Portal Options tab. You will find the Admin Link switch. Simply turn the switch Off if you do not want to show the administration link to users. You access the admin pages using the path https://<your_domain>/app/admin in your browser.


Removing Action Buttons

You can remove any of the portal action buttons using the Schemes setting on the same page. Each button maps to an Authentication Flow Scheme. 


For example, we can remove the Create Account scheme by clicking on the arrow so that the option moves into the excluded panel and clicking Apply


Then after logging out, we no longer see the action button.


Changing the Portal Text

If we again navigate to Authentication Flows->Authentication Options and click on the Portal Text tab we are presented with the titles and descriptions for all the available schemes. Simply edit any of this text and Apply to change the text in your portal.


Adding a banner message to the portal

If you wish to add any extra information for your users to see, you can add some banner text.

To do this, navigate to Authentication Flows->Authentication Options->Portal Options where you can find options for the Portal Banner text as well as the position of the text.

By default, the text will appear below the portal buttons, but with the Banner on top of page option, this text can be displayed above the buttons instead.


Your message will then be displayed as below.