Connecting to a User Directory

Lee David Painter


LogonBox is all about users. Currently you have your own account but I'm guessing you will want to link your LogonBox to a user directory somewhere so you can roll out one of the LogonBox services to your users. Maybe you have an on-premise Active Directory, or use cloud services like Google Apps or Azure Active Directory?

In order for your cloud tenant to locate your on-premise directory then the directory needs to be visible to the tenant. This will all depend on whether the directory is located on the same network as your cloud tenant (if you have hosted your own LogonBox server) or if you are using our own cloud servers. If you have signed up using our cloud service then you will need to install a secure node agent connection in your own network to provide a dedicated, zero firewall callback service to our service, as documented in the article titled Installing a secure node agent.

Connecting Users

To configure your user database head over to the Users & Permissions menu and select the Users sub category. Here you will find the Configure User Database link that will let you link your LogonBox to a number of different directory types.

Here are some links to help you get started.

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