Setting up Password Self-Service

Lee David Painter


One of the features LogonBox provides for your users is to allow them to reset their password from anywhere using just a web browser. LogonBox is pre-configured to support sending a one-time password to the users email address. You can try this yourself with a test account. Navigate to your LogonBox and click on the Reset Password button and follow the prompts.

This initial configuration may not be suitable for you needs, for example, if the email is being sent to the users business email address and they need to login using their password to access this, then this flow configuration will not be for you. You can of course require that the user provide an alternative address, or configure the one-time password to be sent as an SMS.

Require Users Enter an Alternative Email Address

Configure One-Time Passwords to be Sent by SMS

Or you can setup an entirely different authentication flow using one of the many supported authentication types we support. 

Configuring the Authentication Flow


Enable Password Reminders

Once you have configured Password Self-Service to your requirements, you should enable the sending of password reminder emails to keep your user reminded about their password life cycle. 

Enable Password Reminders


Password Reset from Windows Logon

One of the most common password reset requests is to enable users to be able to reset their passwords from the Windows Logon prompt. LogonBox provides a Windows Credential Provider for this purpose. 

Desktop Integration with the Windows Credential Provider