Desktop Integration with the Windows Credentials Provider (version 2.3)

Christopher Dakin
This article is marked as obsolete.


The LogonBox Credential Provider provides Desktop Integration for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7.





Microsoft Installer packages are available which also provide support for unattended installs. No reboot is required before the logon dialogue will show the account action options.

You can find downloads for the provider in the Downloads link at the top right of the LogonBox web UI, in the Windows Desktop Integration section.




Run the installer on your machine (with admin rights) which will start the install wizard. Click Next on the first



This will install the prerequisite Visual C++ redistributable, click Next.


Click Next to start the main setup.


Accept the default directory, or alter it if preferred and click Next.


Type in the IP address or host name of your LogonBox server.

If you don't yet have a signed certificate you can choose to allow unsigned certificates.

Click Next, then Install to start the file copy.