Logging into Windows with the LogonBox Credentials Provider

Christopher Dakin


LogonBox Credentials Provider allows you to log in to your Windows machine with your LogonBox Directory credentials. The supported Windows versions are Windows 10 and 11.

Note: In this document, the LogonBox Credentials Provider is also referred to as the provider.



You need a registration key to install and use the provider.

1. Log in to your LogonBox server as the admin. 

2. Go to Authentication Flows -> Authentication Options -> Credential Provider.

3. Copy the Registration Key.



Downloading the Client

1. Log in to the LogonBox server as the admin to find the downloads for the LogonBox Credentials Provider.

    These Microsoft Installer packages also provide support for unattended installs. No reboot is required in most cases.

2. Click the Downloads icon from the top-right of the page.



 3. Download the relevant installation file. 

Installing LogonBox Credentials Provider

1. Run the installer on your machine (with admin rights) which will start the setup wizard. Click Next on the first page.



This installs the prerequisite Visual C++ redistributable if required (if the pre-requisite is already installed, the installer will start with the following step).



2. Click Next to start the main setup.



3. Browse and select a directory where you want to install the provider and click Next.



4. Enter the IP address or hostname of your LogonBox server. If you don't have a signed certificate, you can choose to allow unsigned certificates.

5. Paste in the Registration Key.

6. Click Next and click Install to start the file copy.