Translating or Overriding text in the UI

Ashley Grant

The Translate feature is available in LogonBox in order to allow changes to be made to any line of text in the system. Every line of text has a variable value which can be changed, allowing you to make small edits to the existing laungaue you are using, or to completely build new launguage options if you require one that is not listed by default.


Installing the Translate feature

To begin using the Translate feature it must first be installed navigate to the Updates, Features & Licensing page in the top menu, go to the System tab and select the Translate feature, agree to the term and allow the feature to install.


Once installed the service will need to be restarted.


Once the restart completes login as the admin again. The Translate feature will now have its own option in the top menu


Selecting this option will open the Translate page where we can now make changes to the current language pack. 


Using the Translate Feature

From the Translate page, you can see each line of dialogue that is present in the system. You can filter the text that is displayed using these options at the top of the page.

It is easiest though to type in the words you are looking to alter and click Search to bring up all instances of that text in the product.

To change the text that is displayed simply enter the text that you would like to have appear in place of the default text for the appropriate line.

Changes that are made through the Translate page will only be applied to the language pack that is currently selected. This article is using the English language pack, if we were to change to the French language then none of these changes would be represented until we changed back to the English pack

The following shows the entry for a message that indicates a password meets the minimum requirements. We have set the translate module to show a different message.


Now in the system UI we can see that the new message is being used instead of the default.