VMCentre Overview


VMCentre is a GUI for your VM Console. It provides an easy to use interface to help users administer the LogonBox virtual machine more effectively. In this article, we'll go over the functions and menus available.


Initial Configuration

When you boot a LogonBox VM for the first time, you will be prompted to set an initial password for the root user.


Log in to VMCentre

In order to log in to VM Centre, you will need to provide the root user password. Here you can also see the address/host of the LogonBox server which is required to log into the web interface.



 Once logged in, you are taken to the overview section. Here, the system details are displayed including: Disk, Memory and Network information. You can also view the status of the various services required by LogonBox.



There are two menus in VMCentre, one across the top and the other down the left-hand side.


Top Menu

 Open New Console - This button opens an interactive terminal to allow you direct access to the underlying Debian OS

 Exit VMCentre - Log off the VMCentre app and go back to the login screen

 Reboot this machine - Reboots the VM

 Shutdown this machine - Turns the VM off

 VMCentre Settings - Contains optional settings if you need to configure connections via an outbound proxy server



Side Menu

The side menu settings will be described in separate sections below. We've already shown the Overview menu above, so we will start with the second menu option, Settings.



 This menu allows you to control the main services used by the LogonBox system.

For each service, you can Start and Stop the service as well as click on the settings icon next to a service to configure the service to start on boot.


Here is a list of the services you may see:

  • Support Callback - The support callback function allows a support operative to access your server if required for a support ticket. From here, you can enable a secure SSH connection which will connect to our support servers and allow an engineer to connect into your VM and gather any required data. The tunnel is completely secure and initiated and controlled by you on demand.
    To start a Support Callback, enter some unique text into the Memo field (usually provided by a support engineer - this is so we can identify your tunnel on our server) and Start the service.

  • VNC Server - Allows remote access to the VMCentre UI using a standard VNC client.

  • SSH Server - Allows secure text only access using a standard SSH client (This service is disabled on boot by default).

  • MariaDB Database Service - Allows you to stop or restart the MySQL service (which is where the LogonBox configuration is held).

  • LogonBox - The main LogonBox service.

  • Network Time Synchronizer - Used for accurate system clock using NTP.




 This menu allows you to configure the network settings, including:

  • Change the hostname

  • Configure DHCP or a Static IP address

  • DNS Servers and search domain

Each interface will be shown in its own tab if you have more than one NIC.



 New updates will be displayed here. These are updates for VM Centre as well as LogonBox and OS updates. 

This page will let you know if updates are available for the OS and if so, what they are (this is running the equivalent of apt update/upgrade on the OS).

Click Check to force a new check for updates, click Update All to update all packages, which is safe to do in most cases.

You can also opt to select and update individual packages from this list.