Creating a Custom Audit Log Filter

Ashley Grant

The Audit Log function in Hypersocket records and details a huge number of events and actions while the service is running.

As a result using filters is an incredibly useful way to ensure only the required information is displayed for a specific search.

For this example we'll create a filter that displays only Successful and Failed email events. 


Create a Filter

1. Navigate to the Audit Log->Filters page, you'll see all of the aready existing filters listed, to add a new one select the Create option.

2. Give this new filter a Name, for example Email Events - Success and Failure. Set the Included Events option to use Sent Email. More events can be added but in this case we only need this one.


3. Now select the Status tab, this will dispay the possible status results that can be received frm the event. In our case we want to include Failure and Success so add these two options to the Included section.


4. Select the Create button to save the new filter.


Using the new Filter

1. Now we can use the new filter that has been created. Navigate to Audit Log->Logs.

2. Open the Filter dropdown and select the new filter option that has been created. The Log will refresh to show the filter results, in this case no emails have been sent during the current day yet so there are no results to display.


3. If we select a new date range from the When option, in this case Last 7 Days, the page now populates with entries that match the new date period.