Where do I start with the LogonBox VPN?

Christopher Dakin

This article should guide you through the steps required to get a working LogonBox VPN connection in your network by providing the links to the relevant associated articles.

1. Deploy the LogonBox VPN VM

Download a VM image and deploy it to your Hypervisor

Deployment guides 

2. Complete the Setup Wizard

Set the initial configuration for the LogonBox service such as SSL certificate, admin account, registering.

The LogonBox VPN Setup Wizard

3. Configure Users

Set up some user accounts that will be used to authenticate to the VPN service.

Create new VPN users

4. Configure and connect your first client

Finally, you can configure a VPN client and connect it to the network.

Windows VPN client

Mac OSX VPN client

Linux VPN client

Android VPN client

IOS VPN client


Advanced Configuration Options

Review External Access

Optional: This part can be skipped if you set the discovery method in the Setup Wizard and you want to give your clients IPs in the subnet

If you need to change the external IP address discovery method or change the network subnet pools for connections, then you can alter these.

Enable Remote Access to your VPN 

Review Peer Definitions

Optional: There is a default Peer Definition on the system that should work for all users, so this part may be skipped if you just want to get a client connected quickly.

If you want to publish more subnets to your clients or alter DNS settings, or even give configurations to different sets of users, then you will need to look at the Peer Definitions.

Review peer definition