Creating a User

Majid Latif

By default, LogonBox Directory has only one user with administrator permissions. You must create new users such that they can be used to log in to all the connected resources. 

Note: This guide helps you create one user at a time. You can also create users in bulk. See Bulk Importing Local Users.

1. Log in to the LogonBox Directory as the admin user.

2. Click the Administration drop-down from the left menu and select User Directory. You can manage all your users and groups from this page.

3. Click Create.

4. In the Create User panel, enter a Username

5. Navigate through the Details, Status, Additional Contacts, Timezone, LDAP, System, and Groups tabs and configure the required details.

6. Click the Password tab and create a password for the user. Select Force Change at Logon if you want the user to change their password on the first login. 

    Note: All the details except the Username and Password are non-mandatory. 

7. If required, enable the Send notification to new user option. The user is notified of their account in the portal.



8. Click Create.