Cloud Directory Appliance

LogonBox Directory is a virtual appliance that provides a cloud directory solution to replace your on-premise Active Directory.

Benefits for Business

Universal Directory

LogonBox Directory acts as your single, authoritative, user directory enabling you to perform user management tasks, import users from your legacy Active Directories and deploy consistent authentication policies across the entire organisation from one place.

One Identity

Users no longer need to have multiple accounts to access different systems, with LogonBox Directory users only need to remember one set of credentials to gain secure access to their Windows, macOS and Linux workstations, servers and web-apps.

Flexible Deployment

With LogonBox you’re not tied down by vendor-hosted cloud platforms, whether you want to host in your own cloud, physically on-premise or use our SaaS platform, the choice is yours – get the same benefits, same features, the way you want.

Replace AD

Replace or port your legacy Active Directory into the cloud. Users can continue to log into their workstations and laptops using freely available open-source solutions like PGina.

LDAP Everywhere

Many applications and web apps support connecting to external LDAP user databases, allowing you to extend universal credentials across the Enterprise, on-premise and in-the-cloud.

MFA Protection

Implement a consistent MFA policy across the Enterprise. LogonBox Directory protects web-apps, desktop logins and legacy applications with Multi-factor Authentication.

Download LogonBox Directory

Start your journey towards an Active Directory free future with our Cloud Directory virtual appliance. Images are available for your on-premise hypervisor or your preferred cloud hosting provider.


Directory Appliance FAQs

How can I get the cloud directory appliance?

Download and install the LogonBox Directory appliance. At the end of the evaluation, your install will revert to the free Foundation Edition license.

I want the Cloud Directory Free Edition now, how can I get it?

As part of providing the free Edition, we ask that you go through the Enterprise Edition trial. As part of that process, we provide you with free support to get your system up and running effectively.

Is there a free SaaS cloud directory option?

There is no free version of our SaaS LogonBox Directory product. If you are intending on just using the free version you should download and install the virtual appliance.

I have a free edition license can I upgrade to a paid license with all features?

Yes of course, we can upgrade any Free edition to a Professional or Enterprise license at any time. Contact and we will provide you with an upgrade quote.

Does my free edition Cloud Directory tool expire?

No. The Foundation Edition will not expire if you have allowed the appliance to revert to the default license instance.

How many users can I host in my directory?

The LogonBox Directory free virtual appliance comes with a generous 500 user count and many Enterprise level features including SAML, Desktop MFA and 2FA app.

Are there any terms I need to agree to?

Your Free license instance needs to contact our licensing server periodically to renew itself. As part of this callback service, usage information is uploaded to our servers, allowing us to understand how our products are used and build even better solutions. The data is aggregated, and no identifiable information is sent or recorded.

How can I add more users to my directory without having to purchase the Professional Edition?

If the Professional Edition is outside of your budget then you should consider our Hotfix Subscription. This is a fixed price subscription that removes the user limit from the Foundation Edition, adds branding and email based support. Please contact us for more information.