Free Self-Service Password Reset Tool

LogonBox SSPR Foundation is a free virtual appliance that provides complete self-service password reset for Active Directory. Get all the features of the Professional edition, unrestricted, for 50 users – perfect for any small business.

Benefits for Business

Streamline Work

By empowering users to securely and safely reset their passwords on Active Directory, LogonBox unshackles users that would typically depend on the IT service desk to manually reset the password, letting users focus on getting things done.

Reduce Costs

Each new support ticket has a cost to the organization, which ultimately means a loss in revenue. LogonBox’s free self-service password reset tool reduces this cost by allowing users to help themselves without creating a support ticket.

Increase Productivity

With LogonBox free self-service password reset managing your password tickets, users no longer need to wait on the service desk, enabling a streamlined service desk so your organization can realize increased productivity and profitability.

Free Self-Service Password Reset

Enabling users to manage their accounts without IT intervention.

Empower business users to reset their passwords without helpdesk support.

Enable users to unlock their account any time.

Analyse users with the dashboard and identity views.

Integrate with your organisations Active Directory.

Users confirm their Identity using multi-factor authentication.

Get notifications before your password is about to expire. .

Simple virtual machine installation.

Reduce IT Tickets and Increase Productivity

LogonBox password self-service solution, complete password reset self-service platform to help you realise increased profitability by reducing your IT tickets and boosting service desk productivity, click below to get started for free.

Get Started

Free Edition FAQs

How can I get the free self-service password reset tool?

Download and install the trial of LogonBox. At the end of the evaluation, your install will revert to our free Foundation Edition license.

I want the password self-service free appliance, how can I get it now?

As part of providing the free appliance, we ask that you go through the Enterprise Edition trial. As part of that process, we provide you with free support to get your system up and running effectively.

Is there a free SaaS password reset self-service option?

There is no free version of our SaaS password self-service product. If you
are intending on just using the free version you should download and install the virtual appliance.

I have a free edition license can I upgrade to a paid license?

Yes of course, we can upgrade any Free edition to a Professional or Enterprise license at any time. Contact and we will provide you with an upgrade quote.

Does my free edition password reset tool expire?

Earlier versions of our products do expire after one year. You should contact to get an updated license at no cost. Once you have upgraded to our 2.3 or greater release the Foundation Edition will not expire.

Are there any terms I need to agree to?

Your Free license instance needs to contact our licensing server periodically to renew itself. As part of this callback service, usage information is uploaded to our servers, allowing us to understand how our products are used and build even better solutions. The data is aggregated, and no identifiable information is sent or recorded.

How many users can I have for free?

You can connect LogonBox SSPR to any sized Active Directory but the Foundation Edition is limited to 50 completed user profiles. A profile is complete when a user logs in and sets up their security questions.

How can I add more users without having to purchase the Professional Edition?

If the Professional Edition is outside of your budget then you should consider our Hotfix Subscription. This is a fixed price subscription that removes the user limit from the Foundation Edition, adds branding and email based support. Please contact us for more information.