Hypersocket Launches Early Release of SSO Product for Free

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Nottingham, UK. Hypersocket Software proudly announces the beta release of their new product, Hypersocket SSO, a new on premise Single Sign-On solution for the Enterprise. The product offers single sign on so that the user can focus on productivity rather than remembering multiple passwords for multiple sites. The goal for the software is to simplify business attributes and working habits, allowing seamless and secure access to all the company’s on premise and cloud based web-apps.

Some key features of Hypersocket SSO are:

  • Use familiar browser URL or bookmarks to auto login to applications
  • Access and one-click login to application from the browser dashboard as well
  • Share access to applications with multiple users without having to give out the password
  • Least-privileged access architecture provides integration with Active Directory
  • Fine-grained control ensures the right users have access to the right apps
  • Secure access to applications with multi-factor authentication
  • Multiple distinct user databases for a true multi-tenancy environment

The Beta is free to download from https://www.hypersocket.com.

“We are absolutely thrilled to release Hypersocket SSO. In today’s day and age, we need to be everywhere, doing everything, and that’s exactly what Single Sign-On offers in an absolutely simplified form that it will naturally integrate within your working habits”, said Lee David Painter, CEO.

As CEO of Hypersocket Software, Lee’s primary focus is building a strong portfolio of products that provide solutions to improve user and business productivity whilst maintaining end-to-end privacy and protection without compromising on usability.

Hypersocket Software

Hypersocket Software Limited is dedicated to providing easy-to-use network security solutions that deliver high-value at an affordable cost without compromising on complete end-to-end network and data security. Hypersocket continues to establish its portfolio and focus on offering centralized management for small to large organisations and provides Virtual Private Network and File Transfer Server within the Hypersocket Software portfolio.

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