Avalon 0.4 Manages More Identities Faster

Its been a little while but the new release of Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service for SMBs is finally here. With over a 1000 downloads of our first release we were determined to bring you something even better than before and i think we’ve achieved that with Avalon 0.4.
Performance and scalability has been the key focus for this release and we’ve also ironed out some of the annoying bugs users have been finding too.
You can download the application from the download page here.
Performance and Scalability: Thanks to all those that have been giving us great feedback on the forums and email, it seems what you wanted the most was better support for larger ADs. So many of you are using Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service against ADs with hundreds and even thousands of identities something the older Avalon 0.3 was not optimized to handle. So we went away and made some improvements the result of which is Avalon 0.4 where you can now reconcile against enterprise scaled ADs with 1000s of identities with no trouble; the bottleneck is now the size of the hardware rather than the application.
Email notification: You can now email employees right within the administrator’s dashboard which means you can now send reminders to anyone who hasn’t registered including any new employees.
The chart has been refined to show only what’s useful, how many users can use the system and how many cannot. With a click of the button those still not registered get an email reminder.
Static IPs and Hostname: We heard the cry from so many of you so here it is, you can now set a static IP – no more guessing IPs!
Update Manager Integration: We have added an update service which enables the administrator to get notified of new updates from within the administration dashboard. Updating will now be a simple case of going through the administration webmin interface and choosing ‘update packages’. This is particularly important as it means any security patches we need to send out and future updates can now all be done through the application and so much quicker.
Support for Norwegian Language: Finally thanks to Christian Lier who kindly translated the whole application into Norwegian.
Downloading and Upgrading
You can download Avalon 0.4 from the download page here.
As always its free, no restrictions – so let us know what you think, our forums are open for feedback.
Nervepoint Tech Team
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