Open Source Projects

LogonBox places many of its software projects under an open source license for use by the open source community. Below you will find a quick summary of each the projects along with links to the source code repositories for inclusion in your own work.

If you are unsure about any aspects of the licensing of our projects and require clarification of your own use please contact us for more details.

Hypersocket Framework

Technology Type License Project
Java, Javascript, HTML,
Hibernate, Spring, Netty
Server GPL Github

The cornerstone of all LogonBox products, the Hypersocket Framework is a server-based solution that enables the rapid development of JSON based REST services with an optional Bootstrap user interface. Security is at the heart of this framework with all services asserting permissions to ensure that each and every action is executed within a security context.


Technology Type License Project
Java, JNA API Apache Github

Forker is a Java library that provides enhanced support for executing native applications from within the Java runtime. It's often not realised that on some platforms executing a command requires a complete duplicate (fork) of the original JVM. Making it problematic to execute commands in larger solutions.

J2SSH Maverick

Technology Type License Project
Java, SSH API LGPL Github

Once only available under a commercial license, the J2SSH Maverick API provides a full and complete implementation of the SSH2 protocol. As the second generation to the original open source SSH API J2SSH; this is now available under the LGPL.


Technology Type License Project
Java, Active Directory, LDAP
Google, Office 365
API GPL Github

Originally created as part of our Access Manager solution, Identity4J has been packaged as a library for user management in Java. Supporting full read/write operations on many types of user database including Active Directory, Google Apps, Azure Active Directory (Office 365), SSH, htpassword, Flat File, Zendesk, Unix, MySQL and Salesforce.

Google Translate Maven Plugin

Technology Type License Project
Google Translate, Maven Maven Plugin Apache Github

This maven plugin enables translation of i18n properties files during your maven build; providing your solution with an instant translation into several different languages.

Code Switcher Maven Plugin

Technology Type License Project
Java, Maven Maven Plugin Apache Github

A maven plugin that allows c type pre-processing of Java code using #ifdef comments to remove or add code prior to your maven build.