Hypersocket FTS 0.2.0 Release Notes

This is the first release of the Hypersocket File Transfer Server (FTS).


  • HTTP/S management interface supporting mobile and desktop screen sizes.
  • Multitenancy support allows installation of multiple user realms and associate host names for complete isolation.
  • Local user database supporting users and groups.
  • Granular set of permissions enabling complete control over all CRUD operations and other system actions.
  • Role-based access control, assign users to roles with permissions specific for each role.
  • System Administrator can impersonate any user in the system.
  • Complete set of configuration options for the system and each realm.
  • Extension store allowing custom selection of features.
  • Automatic updates.
  • User profile section allows user to update their profile and change their password.
  • Execute a predefined set of tasks on an automated schedule.
  • Execute predefined set of tasks in response to system events.
  • Tasks supported are Block IP, Unblock IP, Send Email, Execute Command, Shutdown Server, Restart Server and Monitor TCP Port.
  • File resources allow mounting of file systems and assigning to Roles to define user access.
  • Local, FTP, HTTP and Windows based file systems supported.
  • Browser access to assigned file resources with upload, download, create, delete, rename operations.
  • Copy, Create, Delete, Move, Rename, Touch, Truncate file tasks.
  • FTP/FTPS server for accessing file resources.

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