Hypersocket FTS 0.2.1 Release Notes

In addition to the changes below we have also made a number of commercial extensions available through the extension store. These include:

  • Audit Log
  • Branding
  • Access file systems using WebDAV
  • Access file systems using SFTP
  • Active Directory support
  • Configurable authentication flow with additional OTP and PIN modules
  • User interface translation


  • Suspend/Resume principal action in user table.
  • Suspend principal task.
  • Added RSA and NSS encryption providers and secret key service for encrypted properties support.
  • User attributes allowing custom data to be stored against each user (and optionally encrypted).

Bug Fixes

  • Unblock IP task incorrectly repeats indefinitely.
  • PermissionService fails to create default roles in System realm.
  • Restart detection in user interface should not use authenticated request.
  • Renamed trigger table because it was incompatible with MSSQL.
  • Trigger tasks and conditions did not update or create correctly resulting in missing data.
  • Personal resource counts do not match the number of entities shown in the table.
  • MultipleTextInput widget did not fire change event.
  • Trigger resources should only be triggered for events in their own realm.

LogonBox Password Self Service

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