Hypersocket Single Sign-On 0.2.5 Release Notes

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  • Browser credential resources allow single sign on in conjunction with browser extension/add-on.
  • Abstract template system added.
  • AbstractResourceService support for disabling permission assertion FileUploadService disables permission assertion.
  • Events can now be delayed and rolled back within transactions.
  • New option to load i18n resources from specific url.
  • Added ajaxResourcePageInsert method to allow external actions to insert resource into the current table.
  • New TransactionServiceImpl to perform complicated tasks that combine several service method calls within a single transaction.

Bug Fixes

  • Log errors in FileUploadServiceImpl.
  • Fixed encoding issues with authentication parameters.
  • Made default search case insensitive.
  • Corrected spelling of passsord.
  • Validate automation properties.
  • Allow a call to loadResources to override the i18n resources on an existing document.

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