Hypersocket FTS 0.2.2 Upgrade

At Hypersocket we are always keen to upgrade our products to increase security and assurance for you.

Key Features:

  • Create trigger based on the result of a previous trigger (output trigger).
  • Block IP task should fail if the IP is already blocked.
  • Block IP task should support permanent blocks.
  • Added IP restrictions section to system configuration.
  • Events now have namespace support so property i18n resources can be displayed correctly.
  • Reverted system messaging to top aligned banner message.

Bug fixes:

  • Re-factor all repositories to go through single AbstractRespository in preparation for demo mode.
  • Principle needs @Jsonlgnore on suspensions set.
  • Missing i18n resources.
  • Fixed encryption service issues due to too large RSA key being used.
  • Fixed duplicate naming resource issues.
  • File resource dialog does not mask password.
  • Password field should have attributes too.

LogonBox Password Self Service

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