Hypersocket VPN 0.2.0 Release Notes

* This version of the Hypersocket VPN has an upgraded and incompatible database with previous alpha/beta versions. It is recommended that all customers using the previous 0.1.x versions install a new copy of the software.

The Hypersocket VPN has the following features:

  • HTTP/S management interface supporting mobile and desktop screen sizes.
  • Multitenancy support allows installation of multiple user realms and associate host names for complete isolation.
  • Local user database supporting users and groups.
  • Granular set of permissions enabling complete control over all CRUD operations and other system actions.
  • Role-based access control, assign users to roles with permissions specific for each role.
  • System Administrator can impersonate any user in the system.
  • Complete set of configuration options for the system and each realm.
  • Extension store allowing custom selection of features.
  • Automatic updates.
  • User profile section allows user to update their profile and change their password.
  • Execute a predefined set of tasks on an automated schedule.
  • Execute predefined set of tasks in response to system events.
  • Tasks supported are Block IP, Unblock IP, Send Email, Execute Command, Shutdown Server, Restart Server and Monitor TCP Port.
  • File resources allow mounting of file systems and assigning to Roles to define user access.
  • Local, FTP, HTTP and Windows based file systems supported.
  • Browser access to assigned file resources with upload, download, create, delete, rename operations.
  • Copy, Create, Delete, Move, Rename, Touch, Truncate file tasks.
  • Network resources provide access to any TCP host/port on the network.
  • Hypersocket Client to provide client-side features such as Network resource access.
  • Application resources can be attached to Network resources to provide easy resource launching from Hypersocket Client menu.
  • Website resources provide easy resource launching for internal websites.

Future release notes will track the changes made to the above feature set and any bugs that have been resolved in the software between releases.
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