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Access Manager

Access Manager is engineered to deliver next generation password self-service enabling users to manage their own accounts without IT intervention; reduce help desk calls, boost user productivity and improve overall security. Available as a hardware or virtual appliance Access Manager is an ideal solution for organizations looking to take control of their network and better manage their end users.

  • Brilliantly Simple to Use

    Simple, clean interface for both end users and admins. Access Manager's themeable interface is fast and intuitive giving you everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Reduce IT Support Calls

    Access Manager empowers end users to reset passwords and unlock accounts across any number of systems from one central point, effortlessly and securely.
  • Track and Monitor Everything

    Access Manager's dashboard gives you all the information you need. Monitor password activities across all your systems in one easy to use place.
  • Multifactor Authentication

    Tighten security across the entire system with multiple authentication steps. Using Access Manager's visual authentication builder drag and drop modules to create secure authentication schemes.
  • Multiple Systems

    Manage all your systems in one central location no matter how big or small. Access Manager supports both Active Directory and Linux-based systems allowing you to combine identities across both directories.
  • Provision New Employees

    Create new accounts and delegate authorisation through Access Manager. With Access Manager's account creation workflow end users can request new accounts and designated trusted users can effortlessly approve or reject any request.
  • Configure Things Your Way

    Access Manager gives your full control over the look, feel and behaviour. Enable authentication modules such as SMS and PIN, disable user actions from the mobile app or completely reskin the browser UI.
Access Manager is an all-in-one solution delivering complete enterprise-level self-service password management to dramatically reduce help desk calls, boost productivity and provide better control over your network. Download and get started today, it's easy and free.


Access Manager is a unique solution that offers next generation password self-service across a range of on and off-premise user directories. With a broadest range of virtual models including unlimited user options Access Manager provides maximum flexibility for organizations looking to securely manage users across the business.

For efficient and effective user management corporations need a solution that combines comprehensive self-service functionality with versatile end-user management and the ability to connect and administer a wide range of systems both on-premise and out in the cloud. Access Manager is a unique solution that offers next generation password self-service across a range of on and off-premise user directories. With the broadest range of hardware and virtual models Access Manager provides maximum flexibility for organizations looking to securely manage users across the business.

Benefits of our Virtual Appliance

Zero footfall utilise your own virtual infrastructure

Get started in minutes, simply download and start up the VM image

Per-user licensing gives you exactly what you need and with both subscription and perpetual options, at a price to suit your budget

Our VX unlimited-user virtual appliances are a one-time cost and the most cost-effective solution anywhere

With per-user and unlimited-user licensing, subscription and perpetual licensing our VMs have the greatest pricing options on the planet

Key Features

Why Use Access Manager ?

Try for 30 days with no commitment or credit card required. Simply Download our Enterprise Edition trial to evaluate all features.


Capabilities Description
 Self Service
Empower end users to reset passwords without intervention.
Self-service account unlock single or multiple accounts.
Change passwords against on-premise and cloud systems.
Enforce strong password policy and override default rules.
Enable end users to manage multiple accounts across disparate systems.
Allow end users to independently link their own accounts to a single Identity.
Enrol users quicker with a registration wizard to guide users through each step.
Keep users passwords secure with regular password change notifications.
Increase overall security with multifactor authentication.
Questions and answers authentication.
Passphrase authentication.
PIN authentication.
reCaptcha authentication.
OTP Email/SMS authentication.
Password history support.
Respect of fine grained password policies.
Override password policies per OU.
 Remote Management
Provide convenient end user password management with mobile access.
Integrate password management directly into Windows desktops.
Integrate password management into OSX desktops.
Never compromise on security with dedicated remote access authentication.
Native DLL to capture password changes outside of Access Manager.
VMCentre for complete VM and OS management, VNC, SSH into the OS.
Delegate account workflow using departmental structures.
Allow department heads to authorize new account requests rather than IT admins.
Configure online account request forms based on connecting system attributes.
Eliminate new starter delays by allowing end users to self request new accounts.
Safely disable retired accounts and eliminate backdoor access.
Silently synchronize end user passwords across all linked systems.
 Reporting and Analytics
Visual charts for instant reporting across all or individual systems.
Alert users to any account changes or password reminders.
Export any user or system data for compliance.
Define your own themes with Jquery themeroller.
Override styling with CSS.
Brand the product with your corporate look and feel.
Support for multiple systems through our growing opensource connector project.
AD iconConnect to Active Directory domains.
Ubuntu iconIntegrate with Ubuntu systems.
Linux iconIntegrate with a range of Linux-based systems.
SSH iconScript your own SSH based connector.
HTTP iconScript your own HTTP based connector
Solaris iconLeverage Sun Solaris connector to integrate with legacy systems such as NIS or Kerberos.
Google apps iconExtend cloud systems with Google Apps connector.
Office365 iconIntegrate cloud solutions with the Office 365 connector.
How is Access Manager licensed? You can license the product either by number of users or by virtual application specification.

User Licensing

We provide subscription and perpetual licenses for any number of users. These licenses can be deployed to any virtual machine configuration.

To purchase or get a quote select your user count

Unlimited User Virtual Appliances

If you are looking for bigger more cost-effective licensing. we offer a number of unique models unlimited by user counts. These provide an affordable alternative when looking at larger user licenses over and above 2000 users.