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Compare Editions

The Free edition provides browser-based password reset for an unlimited number of users so everyone can reap the benefits of password self-service. For a more feature-rich and complete enterprise Password Self Service solution compare the features of Access Manager Enterprise edition below.

Features Access Manager Free Access Manager Enterprise
Empower end users to reset passwords without intervention. Yes Yes
Self-service account unlock single or multiple accounts. Yes
Change passwords against on-premise and cloud systems. Yes
Enforce strong password policy and override default rules. Yes
Enable end users to manage multiple accounts across disparate systems. Yes
Allow end users to independently link their own accounts to a single Identity. Yes
Enrol users quicker with a registration wizard to guide users through each step. Yes
Keep users passwords secure with regular password change notifications. Yes
Increase overall security with multifactor authentication. Yes
Questions and answers authentication. Yes Yes
Passphrase authentication. Yes
PIN authentication Yes
reCaptcha authentication. Yes
OTP Email/SMS authentication. Yes
Password history support. Yes
Respect of fine grained password policies. Yes
Override password policies per OU. Yes
Remote Management
Provide convenient end user password management with mobile access. Yes
Integrate password management directly into Windows dekstops. Yes
Integrate password management into OSX desktops. Yes
Never compromise on security with dedicated remote access authentication. Yes
Native DLL to capture password changes outside of Access Manager. Yes
VMCentre for complete VM and OS management, VNC, SSH into the OS. Yes Yes
Delegate account workflow using departmental structures. Yes
Allow department heads to authroize new account requests rather than IT admins. Yes
Configure online account request forms based on connecting system attributes. Yes
Eliminate on-boarding delays by allowing end users to self request new accounts. Yes
Safely disable retired accounts and eliminate backdoor access. Yes
Silently synchronize end user passwords across all linked systems. Yes
Reporting and Analytics
Visual charts for instant reporting across all or single systems. Yes Yes
Alert users to any account changes or password reminders. Yes
Export any user or system data for compliance. Yes
Define your own themes with Jquery themeroller. Yes
Override styling with CSS. Yes
Brand the product with your corporate look and feel. Yes
Support for multiple systems. Yes
AD iconConnect to Active Directory Yes Yes
Ubuntu iconIntegrate with Ubuntu systems. Yes
Linux iconIntegrate with a range of Linux-based systems. Yes
SSH iconScript your own SSH based connector. Yes
HTTP iconScript your own HTTP based connector. Yes
Solaris iconLeverage Sun Solaris connector to integrate legacy systems. Yes
Google apps iconExtend cloud systems with Google Apps connector. Yes
Office365 iconIntegration with Office 365. Yes