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LogonBox is the complete self-service password reset platform, empowering businesses to end password tickets, reduce support and increase operational efficiency in one cost-effective solution.

Streamline helpdesk


Enable business users to manage their identities; reset passwords, unlock accounts, update account information any time from anywhere without waiting on helpdesk and increase your bottom-line with fewer tickets, more free time.

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Effortless synchronize to cloud accounts

Brand Agnostic Password Sync

Enable business users to automatically synchronise passwords across on-premise Active Directory, Azure AD, Google, Linux and others, giving you the freedom to choose to build your environment your way.

LogonBox supports cloud Office 365 and Google Suite directories
Secure passwords with multi-factor authentication

Giving You More

LogonBox comes with desktop login integration and mobile app for remote password resets; user passwords are secured with 2FA and MFA, including industry-standard Yubikey and Duo authentication. We don’t stop there, we’ve thrown in SAML and JWT single sign-on, a credential store and a whole lot more – LogonBox SSPR is still cheaper and more open than Azure password reset.

LogonBox supports MFA with password resets

The LogonBox Advantage

1M Users and Counting

Helping IT departments reduce support load, end password tickets and increase productivity all round. Learn the benefits of self-service password reset solutions.

Giving More Value Than Ever

Crammed full of features, password self-service, expiry reminders, desktop integration, MFA, SSO, password vault.

Affordable Than Azure P1

Saving you more than 80% of the cost of Azure P1 self-service password reset, learn how you can save more with SSPR than Azure AD.

Choice of SaaS or Self-Hosting

Pioneers in virtualised SSPR you can choose between our carefree SaaS platform or host your own instance in your cloud or on-premise.

Everything You Need to Reduce Support Load and Boost Productivity


Enable users to reset, change and manage their passwords without helpdesk intervention across multiple systems. all from one portal.

Self-Service Unlock

Empower users to unlock their accounts without any helpdesk involvement from a single interface.

Multiple Directories

Synchronise passwords across multiple systems including local AD, Azure AD (O365), Google, LDAP, Linux, iSeries.


Notify users before their password expire and notify users to enroll in the system as a single email reminder or on a schedule.

Remote Resets

Integrate password self-service options in the Windows and Mac login prompt or provide users the mobile apps for remote resets.

Secure MFA

Increase security with multi-factor and multi-step authentication before users manage passwords or access cloud-applications.

Password Database

Avoid repeat and insecure passwords by comparing password change against a database of weak passwords or integrate with a remote password server.

Single Sign-On

Increase productivity with seamless one-click access to web-applications and enable users to access all their apps with just one identity.

Password Vault

Centrally manage credentials to privileged resources and assign credentials to select users through roles as and when needed.

You're in Good Company

Organisations and businesses around the world rely on LogonBox password self-service to reduce support load and increase operational efficiency, from large global enterprises to small and mid-market organizations across every sector.

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