Work smarter, not harder
Solving password problems with SSO

Despite Bill Gates predicting the death of the traditional password back in 2004, and the current buzz around biometric identification using fingerprints, iris, voice or facial recognition or even heartbeats, the password is still going strong. What’s more, with biometrics and the increase in multi-factor authentication, the password’s role might change, but it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

For most people passwords are a necessary evil; a simple yet sometimes frustrating way to authenticate access to the numerous systems and applications we use every day and so protect the masses of data and personal information they hold.

But if passwords are common in our daily lives to log on to online banking, shopping accounts and social media pages and feeds, they are almost ubiquitous in the work environment. Tough access control requirements mean that, understandably, most enterprise systems require a password to grant users access.

This whitepaper looks at the impact passwords have on workplace productivity, convenience and IT intervention and demonstrates how Single Sign-On can provide benefits to outweigh any potential disadvantages.