Directory as a Service (DaaS)

LogonBox Directory is an always-on user directory hosted in the cloud.

Simple to set up

Maintenance free

Secure desktops with 2FA

Sign up today for your own cloud-hosted user directory FREE for 10 users.

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How it Works

With these three simple steps, you can start using your cloud-hosted user directory today!


Register for your FREE domain at


Log in to your domain and configure 2-Factor Authentication.


Download and install the LogonBox Directory Credential Provider on your Windows computers.

Cloud Directory Features

LogonBox Directory provides a wealth of features including:
Log in to Windows

Install the LogonBox Credential Provider to support logging into Windows with your LogonBox Directory credentials.

Protect Desktops with 2FA

Protect your Windows logins with second-factor authentication with the LogonBox Authenticator app or other third-party 2FA solution.

Connect Legacy Applications

Connect any application that supports Secure LDAP and protect legacy applications with 2FA.

OSX and Linux Support

Configure OSX and Linux to support logging in with the LogonBox Directory LDAP service.

Breached Password Protection

Automatic verification of all passwords created by users to ensure they have not been used previously on a breached website.

Protected Privileged Accounts

Protect access to privileged accounts when logging in via SSH by enforcing the use of private key credentials stored securely on the users' phone.

API Support

Integrate with external applications through our suite of programming language APIs. With support for Java, PHP, NodeJS and more.

Company Branding

Your brand is your business. Use company colours and logos to reinforce your company's brand across the system.


Log and monitor all activity within the system, and create and export custom reports.


Run tasks on a schedule or trigger tasks based on a system event; import users, export audit reports, or create webhooks to run tasks in reaction to external events.

SAML Identity Provider

Use single-sign-on with your web-based applications, helping users reduce the number of credentials and streamlining logins, helping them become more productive.

Third-Party Factors

Enhance your authentication flows with third-party authentication factors, supporting Duo, Yubikey, WebAuthn, Google Auth, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below

Do I need to use a Credit Card to sign up?

No All you need to do is sign-up for your domain with your company name and your email address.

Is it really 10 Users for FREE?

Yes! Everyone signing up at the current time receives 10 users for free on our Basic plan, which lasts for as long as the domain is active.

What features are FREE?

Users can log into Windows with our 2FA app, and you can connect web apps and other applications through the LDAP protocol.

What if I need more than 10 Users?

For each user over 10 you pay 1 USD per month on the Basic plan, or upgrade all users to the Basic+ plan at 2 USD per month to get support, branding, user import and auditing.

How do I get support?

Community support is available on our forums and commercial support can be purchased from LogonBox. Please contact us for more information.

How do I get access to the other features?

Contact us and we can upgrade your domain to a trial period of our Professional plan which supports all the additional authentication methods, single-sign-on, branding and auditing.

LogonBox Directory

Sign up and start using LogonBox Directory today. No credit card required; use with up to 10 users to protect Windows logins with 2FA. You only pay when you scale, need support or extra features.

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