Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Save your business time and money with self-service password reset from LogonBox. Our platform eliminates time-consuming tickets when a user needs to reset a password, getting your teams back to business in an instant.

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Protect, verify, and empower your users with one simple package. Password reset software allows users to verify themselves and log back into your system, avoiding disruptions, and it comes with a password manager built-in.

Available via our SaaS platform or hosted on your own server, you get the choice to deploy however you like. The software also integrates easily with multiple systems, so configuration is never an issue.

Self Service Password Reset Benefits

LogonBox SSPR is simple to set up and comes with a whole host of benefits for your business and the individual user.

Reset passwords securely from anywhere

Quick and easy to use

No need to wait for helpdesks

Manage Active Directory users from a single interface

MFA – Multi-factor authentication for security

Securely store and manage credentials and auto-login to web-apps

Save 80% on the cost of Azure AD

Manage, store and share passwords with teams

Self Service Password Reset Software

LogonBox SSPR is the complete password reset self-service platform, empowering businesses to end password tickets, reduce support and increase operational efficiency in one complete, cost-effective solution.

Password Self-Service

Empower end-users to manage their own identities; reset passwords and unlock accounts across multiple systems without helpdesk assistance.

Password Reset Anywhere

Integrate password reset and account unlock into Windows and Mac login prompts and manage passwords on the go with mobile apps.

Manage Passwords

Store, manage and share credentials securely with others. Centrally manage privileged credentials using roles or empower users to self-manage multiple passwords.

Key features of LogonBox password reset self-service

Multiple Directories

Integrate with multiple systems with predefined connectors for on-premise and cloud user directories.

Manage AD Users

Manage Active Directory users and groups, disable unwanted accounts or revoke permissions to mitigate unauthorized access, all from a single interface.


Automatically remind users their password is about to expire. Send periodic reminders as the expiry date gets closer and allow users to change passwords before they expire.

Secure MFA for Password Resets

LogonBox SSPR supports a complete list of authenticators for password resets, including Duo, Yubikey and Microsoft Authenticator. LogonBox SSPR also provides its own biometric secure, swipe-based 2FA app LogonBox Authenticator, saving the cost of buying a third-party authenticator.
duo security saml authentication RSA secureID yubikey security microsoft-authenticator google authenticator

Duo Security

SAML Authentication

RSA SecureID

Yubikey Security

Microsoft Authenticator

Google Authenticator

radius authentication SMS authentication LogonBox authenticator webauthn authentication email authentication q&a authenticator

Radius Authentication

SMS Authentication

LogonBox Authenticator

WebAuthn Authentication

Email Authentication

Secure questions and answers

Learn more about each type of authentication

Over 1 Million Happy Business Users

Organizations and businesses worldwide rely on LogonBox’s self-service password reset solution to reset AD and Cloud passwords, reduce support tickets and increase operational efficiency – from large global enterprises to small and mid-market organizations.
Ryder use LogonBox SSPR
The NHS use LogonBox to manage passwords
Verizon empower users with LogonBox self-service password reset solution
Accenture use LogonBox for password resets
Salus university use LogonBox to manage password resetes
Pfizer use LogonBox password reset solution to end password tickets

LogonBox Self Service Password Reset

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Focus on what matters the most – your business. Streamline your IT department, eliminate password tickets, increase productivity as quickly as possible and let us worry about maintaining, managing and supporting the underlying infrastructure and servers.

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Pioneers in password reset self-service virtualization, deploy your instance in AWS, Google cloud, or on-premise on VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and even Windows. With the LogonBox control centre, you can even access the underlying OS.

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