Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

With our SSPR (self-service password reset), you can save your company both time and money. With our time-saving password reset methods, you can have your teams and business back up and running in no time.

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We know how important your business is to you. Try our self-service password reset tool for free, so that you can focus on getting the important day-to-day work done in your business, while we take care of this side of things.

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It’s fair to say that we’re experts in the self-password reset world. We’re also available to host on numerous different operating systems, including AWS, Google Cloud, VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows. You can access the underlying OS from our control centre, too.

Self Service Password Reset Benefits

The LogOnBox self service password reset SSPR is very easy to set up, and has a range of benefits for any users.

Securely reset your passwords remotely

Quick and easy to use

No need to wait for helpdesks

Manage Active Directory users from a single interface

MFA – Multi-factor authentication for security

Securely store and manage credentials and auto-login to web-apps

Save 80% on the cost of Azure AD

Manage, store and share passwords with teams

Self Service Password Reset Software

LogonBox SSPR is the complete password reset self-service platform. This helps businesses to reduce help desk calls while increasing their efficiency in a complete, cost-effective solution.

Password Self-Service

End users can take care of their own identity management, changing their passwords from any location, and enabling self-service password resets.

Password Reset Anywhere

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, you can integrate password reset and account unlock with both of them. This again means that you can manage passwords on the go with mobile apps.

Manage Passwords

Password management means proper management, and you have full control. You can manage numerous passwords at once, using privileged credentials or you can give the green light to users to self-manage their own passwords.

Key features of LogonBox password reset self-service

Multiple Directories

You can integrate the SSPR with cloud user directories, as well as multiple systems with predefined connectors for on-premise directories.

Manage AD Users

From a single interface, you can manage Active Directory users and groups, disable unwanted accounts, or revoke permissions to mitigate unauthorized access.


You can customise notifications with the self-service password reset tool. This means you can automatically remind users their password is about to expire. You can also send timely reminders as the expiry date gets closer and allow users to change passwords before they expire.

Over 1 Million Happy Business Users

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve had over 1,000,000 users who are happy with the service that we provide.
Ryder use LogonBox SSPR
The NHS use LogonBox to manage passwords
Verizon empower users with LogonBox self-service password reset solution
Accenture use LogonBox for password resets
Salus university use LogonBox to manage password resetes
Pfizer use LogonBox password reset solution to end password tickets

LogonBox SSPR

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Software as a Service

Make sure your priorities are in the right place, by focussing on your everyday work, rather than spending an age on the phone to a remote IT department who might be unable to help you. Don’t waste your time – we’ve got it covered for you.

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Whether you’re on Windows, MacOS, VMWare ESXi, or Microsoft Hyper-V, LogonBox SSPR can be hosted on these. You even have access to the underlying OS from the bespoke LogonBox control centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common FAQs regarding SSRP services.

To put it simply, a self-service password reset tool (or SSRP for short) is a feature which allows users to reset their passwords without having to contact an IT department for any password reset requests.

Yes, you should be. It is really important that you change any passwords that you are aware might have appeared in a data breach.

You will just need your email address to register with us for either our Software as a Service platform, or download a virtual appliance to host it yourself.

With LogonBox SSPR this could not be simpler. Navigate to the SSPR home page and click on “Reset Password”. You will then be prompted to enter your username followed by any questions or credentials you need to prove your identity. Once completed, you can finally reset your user password.

One of the cool features of LogonBox SSPR is its ability to detect passwords that have been used in known data breaches. It can inform the user and require them to change their password immediately, and prevent the user changing to a password that has been used in a known data breach.

Yes, part of the SSPR solution is a Windows Credential Provider that adds a link to the login prompt to allow the user to reset their password, or unlock their account. You can also assign additional authenticators to the Windows Login flow to require secondary authentication when logging into Windows.

That’s true, there are plenty of other alternatives out there. But with over 1 million happy customers, we can safely say that we’re experts in our field, and don’t just think that you have to take our word for it!

You can save time by focusing on the most important tasks for your business, rather than waiting on hold to an IT department for hours on end. This also means that you can save money because you no longer have to outsource an IT service solely for password recovery. On top of this, you can also improve your online cybersecurity by ensuring that you have a strong password that is changed frequently.

If a cybercriminal (or hacker) gained access to your email account or any of your work accounts, they could not only steal data but money as well. Security breaches like this are not as rare as you think they might be. Being able to stay on top of this, and using extra layers of security such as MFA (multi-factor authentication) or 2FA (two-factor authentication) means that you can stay even safer online.

Don’t let anyone fool you they can do this without a VPN. Using a VPN is the most secure method of ensuring that the locally cached credentials are updated correctly without resulting to using techniques that use undocumented or internal Microsoft APIs. To do this properly you need a VPN connection that the user starts from the Logon UI. We not only provide an SSPR product but also have the LogonBox VPN that can help you acheive this, adding a simple link to the logon process for the user to start the VPN connection before they log in, or reset their password. If you want you can read more about this in our Blog