Self-Service Password Reset & Identity Management Solutions

LogonBox combines its Identity Management solutions with unparalleled support services to ensure each customer benefits from increased productivity and maximum ROI.

Self-Service Password Reset

Implement employee self-service password reset with our trusted virtual appliance or cloud-hosted SSPR solution. Empower your employees to reset their forgotten passwords with a choice of second-factor authentications, including one-time passwords by email or SMS, Duo, Yubico, Security Questions, OTP applications or our own LogonBox Authenticator solution.

Create multiple authentications flows with varying requirements and assign them to roles, groups or individual users. Improve self-service adoption across the Enterprise by requiring users to set up second-factor authentication during their Windows log-in and increase network security by extending 2FA authentication to the Desktop.

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Self service password reset
Directory as a Service DaaS

Directory as a Service

Active Directory has become tired and unfit for the modern Enterprise. Employees, customers and partners need access to resources from anywhere in the world; therefore, we need a new approach that enforces authentication policies beyond the boundaries of the corporate network.

LogonBox Directory is a cloud-hosted user directory that lets you fully control your users with a consolidated view across operating systems and disparate applications. This always-on Directory allows you to extend policies without a VPN to non-corporate devices and remote users.

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WireGuard VPN Appliance

Starting as users and then quickly becoming fans of the WireGuard VPN, the LogonBox Team believed they could bring more to the best-of-breed VPNs. Our developers set about integrating the WireGuard VPN with our Identity Management components, connecting users in Active Directory and Office 365 to VPN configurations. The LogonBox VPN had arrived!

The LogonBox VPN is a virtual appliance that hosts a WireGuard VPN service with added user management and second-factor authentication. With our suite of VPN clients, the Administrator can configure flexible flows that automate WireGuard configuration, making it seamless for the end-user to fire up the client, authenticate (with optional second-factors), and connect.

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WireGuard VPN with user management and 2FA authentication