Our Support Service

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Our Service

All of our commercial paid-for products come with unlimited email support & maintenance for 12 months. We aim to be just another member of your team through our support services, and we strive to maintain the highest quality support and fastest response times we can.

While we strive to provide the most stable products, there are always many reasons you might need help from our support team.

  • Compatibility with other vendors software
  • Queries about product features and implementation
  • Customization of software
  • Maximizing the performance of the products
  • The unexpected

All of our product support is strictly email based only. Due to the products’ technical nature, we will often need to trawl through logs, debug, and review code. This type of support is not compatible with someone waiting at the end of the telephone, and therefore, we ask that all support issues are initially logged by email by sending a message to support@logonbox.com.

If you provide a telephone number, and the issue requires a call, our support team will contact you accordingly.

As long as you have an active support subscription, you can submit as many inquiries as you need. We aim to respond to all questions within 8hrs of receipt with a constructive answer or request for further information.

Support is currently available from 8 AM through to 10 PM GMT.

We are unable to provide extensive support for your Free Edition license. We will certainly try to help if we can, but we issue our Free Edition licenses with no support guarantee.

After your initial 12-month support & maintenance period has expired, your entitlement to support lapses, and you will not be able to update the software to new releases.

Around 60 days before your support expires, we will email all the registered email addresses on your account to provide you with a renewal offer.

If you do not decide to renew support, please be aware that if you subsequently decide you need help, the costs may be higher than if you have renewed your support package on or before the expiry date. We do this because we build our software with a policy of continuous improvement. Any customers who drop support only to take it up later will benefit from the product improvements and features introduced during the lapsed period.

During your interaction with our support team, they may ask you to “open a support tunnel.”. Support tunnels are a feature of our virtual appliances that will create a secure connection between your device and our support servers. Once connected, our support team can access your machine and investigate the situation securely.

You do not need to open up firewall ports for this feature. It is a reverse connection that opens upon your authority in the VM console. It uses a secure, reverse SSH connection, and assuming your appliance has Internet access; it should work without additional configuration.