Password Management for Business

Secure your data with a business-first password manager to keep your data and users protected.
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Complete Password Manager

LogonBox Enterprise edition offers a complete business-focused password manager to enable organizations to manage, assign and secure access to business resources and applications.

Benefits for Business

Secure Business Apps

Secure access to your business resources by storing sensitive passwords in the LogonBox password vault and assign access to only those that need them. Audit every password access, so you know who has used what and accessed which business resource.

Manage Access

Create, manage and assign credentials to only those that need it with secure, least-privileged role-based access. Assign business passwords to a single Active Directory user, or group. Update credentials and revoke access with ease.

Password Sharing

Eliminate the need to share passwords insecurely via email and instead assign passwords with role-based access. When a user no longer needs access to a privileged resource, quickly remove them from the role, making it easier to control who has access to which credentials and resources.


Web-app passwords utilize the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser extensions and enable convenient automatic credential injection without users needing to enter or remember credentials again. Limit visibility of the password so the user cannot see the password, only use it.

Personal Passwords

Extend the password manager benefits to end-users by empowering them to create, store, and securely manage their passwords to web apps. With permission-based access, you can even restrict which users have this privilege.

Biometric MFA Security

Secure credentials behind multifactor and multistep authentication; take things further by offering users the LogonBox 2FA mobile app for secure two-factor authentication with instant swipe technology and biometric fingerprint.

Free your IT Team

LogonBox SSPR is a complete password reset self-service solution to help you realise increased profitability by reducing IT tickets and igniting service desk productivity.

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