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The LogonBox VPN appliance takes WireGuard VPN to the next level by adding powerful Identity Management and Authentication features. With a zero-configuration client, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Active Directory integration LogonBox VPN transforms the best-in-class WireGuard VPN into a business-focused remote access solution.

LogonBox VPN Benefits

From security-conscious enterprises to startups LogonBox VPN makes remote access easy for everyone.

Complete business VPN built on the fastest, most secure, industry best VPN protocol, WireGuard.

Roll out in minutes by onboarding teams directly from Active Directory with no duplication.

Enhance security and deliver a great user experience with dedicated clients – no config files needed!

Enforce strong multi-factor authentication, use the LogonBox Authenticator 2FA app at no additional cost.

Control who has access to which information on your network, create separate groups for different types of users with role-based access.

Based on WireGuard the best VPN protocol integrated with the must-have business features made for teams of every size.

Protect Your Network Resources Quickly

LogonBox is a powerful VPN appliance that can be deployed on-premise or to your cloud provider. It integrates with your Active Directory or online user directories such as Google & Azure. The LogonBox VPN client is easy to use and requires no configuration so your users can access network resources from anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently with little training or downtime.

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Secured with WireGuard®

Built on the trusted WireGuard protocol LogonBox VPN uses the latest technologies to provide a secure and performant connection. It is built on several proven security technologies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), making it one of the most secure VPNs available today. Highly scalable LogonBox VPN is ideal for small teams and large companies, helping you securely access the company network – from anywhere in the world.

Easily Enforce Strong Multi-Factor Authentication

LogonBox VPN provides the highest level of security for your users by ensuring they only connect after signing in through your existing user directory. Knowing that your data and network are safe from malicious actors gives you peace of mind. With 2-factor authentication, you can be sure that only authorized users will be able to access your network. LogonBox VPN includes Duo, Yubico, Google Authenticator, WebAuthn devices and our own LogonBox Authenticator at no additional cost. With these security features, you can be sure that your network will be safe from any potential threats.

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LogonBox VPN Features

Simple Setup

Simplify your life – get a VPN client that does everything for you and keeps your data safe. Start accessing remote resources faster with a dedicated VPN client that eliminates managing config files and embraces super strong security with dedicated multi-factor authentication.

Complete MFA

We make multi-factor authentication easy. LogonBox VPN provides a comprehensive suite of multi-factor authentication solutions, including Google Authenticator and Yubico. We also offer our own Logon Box Authenticator at no extra charge to keep your users and network secure.

Roaming Profiles

A Static IP Address means you’re in control. Always keep the same IP address no matter where you are, whether you stay in one place or relocate to another network. LogonBox VPN assigns you the same IP address, making them easy to manage and share with non-technical users.

Security & Privacy

Protection and security is fundamental to everything we do at LogonBox. WireGuard uses asymmetric keys stored on the users’ device to authenticate the user on the network, however, the LogonBox VPN rotates these keys to increase security, follow cryptographic best practices and provide a more secure online experience.

User Management

We make it easy for you to onboard new users and team members quickly. Integrate with your existing on-premise or cloud user directory. Onboard existing team members, create new users, and quickly assign resources using role-based access.

Activity Monitoring

Know what’s going on with your users in real-time. Monitor client activity in real-time. View which users and devices are accessing specific resources, search, filter, and export for your auditing reporting requirements.

The LogonBox VPN

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