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LogonBox SSPR is available in three affordable editions offering a basic free password reset edition through to enterprise-ready self-service password reset with identity management capabilities.
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Password Reset
Users can reset a forgotten password via the web portal.
Change Password
Users can change their expiring password via the web portal.
Account Unlock
Users can unlock their own account via the web portal.
Create Account
New employees can request an account via the web portal.
Password Synchronization
Link accounts in secondary user databases and synchronize passwords between them.
User Management
Delegate Administration of user directories through the web portal.
Active Directory
Support for Microsoft Active Directory.
Desktop Integration
Users can perform self-service functions directly at the Windows login prompt.
Cloud Connectors
Support cloud users from Google, o365 and Azure.
Legacy Connectors
Support Linux, *NIX, AS/400 and SAP Hana users.
Database Connectors
Support SQL database users.
Security Questions
Users can provide answers to a set of security questions to complete a reset or unlock.
2FA Devices
Multi-factor authentication including YukiKey, Duo, Google Auth, One Time Password, SMS, RADIUS, PIN.
LogonBox Authenticator **NEW**
Secure, simple 2-Factor mobile authentication.
Reminders & Notifications
Keep users passwords secure with regular password change notifications.
Windows 2FA Desktop **NEW**
Add flexible 2FA support to the Windows Desktop login.
Users can use rebrand to fit in with corporate appearance.
Product support and maintenance releases.
Multiple Directories
Support for managing more than one primary user directory.
Create and manage separate tenants with their own database and unique portal.
SAML Identity Provider
Use LogonBox as the trusted user identity provider for logging into third-party services.
Password Vault
Securely store and assign passwords to users for logging into webapps.

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