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LogonBox VPN is available in three affordable editions offering a basic free VPN appliance edition through to business-ready with ehnanced user directory support, auditing and authentication capabilities.
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# of users supported.
3 Users As Licensed As Licensed
Device Configurations
# number of device configurations per user.
1 3 Unlimited
LogonBox VPN Client
Zero configuration VPN Client.
Active Directory
Support for Microsoft Active Directory.
Cloud Connectors
Support cloud users from Google, o365 and Azure.
2FA Devices
Multi-factor authentication including YukiKey, Duo, Google Auth, One Time Password, SMS, RADIUS, PIN.
LogonBox Authenticator **NEW**
Secure, simple 2-Factor mobile authentication.
Report, Search, Filter & Export.
Email Notifications
Send notifications to new users.
Change colors and upload your own logo.
Technical support and maintenance releases.
Multiple Directories
Support for users from more than one user directory.
Create and manage separate tenants with their own database and unique portal.

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