Next Gen Password Self Service.
On-Premise and Cloud Networks.

Complete self-service password reset and account unlock, empowering end users to manage
their accounts across on-premise and cloud systems. Remote management with dedicated
mobile apps and desktop integration all ready to go with a simple plug and play virtual appliance.

Intelligent Identity Management.
Manage access, empower users.

Central password management of on-premise and cloud systems, gain insight into expired, changed
password and locked accounts. Enhance security with multifactor authentication, keep users
informed via email or SMS notifications

Self Service on the Move.
Manage passwords anywhere.

Conveniently manage passwords without helpdesk intervention anywhere with dedicated mobile apps
for remote password reset and unlock. Change passwords while on the move, synchronize passwords
across one or multiple systems and secure access with mobile-only multifactor authentication flows.

Streamline Provisioning.
Enrol and Deprovision users.

Access manager offers streamline self-service user enrolment and deprovisioning all at a press of a button.
Delegate account approvals to managers instead of helpdesk, disable retired accounts, eliminate unwanted
backdoor access and link identities to multiple accounts across different systems.

No fuss, no user limits, 100% free.
Free Password Reset Self Service.

No-fuss no-user limit self-service password reset solution that's 100% free. Complete self-service password
reset virtual machine package, with no restrictions on user count. Integrate with any-size Active Directory, empower end users to reset passwords without intervention, analyze users with dashboard and identity views.

Next Generation
Password Self Service

Enabling users to manage their own accounts without IT intervention.
Reduce help desk calls, boost user productivity and improve overall security.

Password Self Service

Unlock accounts, reset and change passwords with an easy, user-friendly interface.

Multiple Connectors

Connect to multiple user directories on-premise and in the cloud.

User Management

Provision new accounts, disable others and link accounts to a single identity.

Remote Self Service

Manage passwords with mobile apps & integrate with desktop logins.

Choose Your Deployment

Your choice of how to deploy the perfect solution; cloud password self service for no installation and no maintenance or self-hosted virtual appliance installation for your choice of hypervisor - you choose!

Self Service in the Cloud

  • No installation, no maintenance - Get started immediately
  • No server, no storage - we run it for you
  • Ready out of the box - we set everything up and host your site
  • Get more than reset - sso, saml, password management
Learn more about Cloud Self Service

Self Hosted Self Service

  • Self-hosted virtual server - install on your own hardware
  • Broad range of hypervisors - on-premise and cloud
  • Get started quickly - download and play the image
  • Free edition option - password reset for unlimited users
Learn more about VM Self Service

The real opportunity of
Password Self Service

Our password self service solutions are ideal for organizations looking to take
control of their network and better manage their end users.

Reduce Helpdesk Load

Empower end users to securely unlock, reset and change their passwords without any admin intervention.

Enhance Security

Enforce strong password policies, enable regular password changes and override default rules to boost security.

Integrate Multiple Systems

Integrate with multiple systems with predefined connectors for user directories on-premise or cloud, or define your own.

Manage Multiple Identities

Link accounts to others empowering end users to manage multiple passwords for accounts on-premise or cloud from a single identity.

Reset Passwords Anywhere

Integrate password reset and account unlock into Windows and Mac login prompts and manage passwords on the go with mobile apps.

Centrally Manage Users

Manage users with self-service account provisioning and disable unwanted accounts to mitigate unauthorised access, all from a single location.

Empower End-Users, Reduce IT Tickets,
Boost Productivity, Improve Security.

Our unique solutions offer next generation password self-service across a range of on and off-premise user directories.

With our cloud-hosted offering requiring no installation, and virtual machine installs, offering the broadest range of virtual models, our password self service solution provides maximum flexibility for organizations looking to securely manage users across the business.

Password Self-Service

Central Identity Management

User Provisioning

Account Workflow

Browser, Desktop, Mobile

Flexible Authentication

Free Password Self Service

Get Everything in One Application

It takes less than 10 minutes to get started with LogonBox cloud, offering more than just password self service; when you're ready extend capabilities with Active Directory user and group management, single sign-on, SAML, password management - as and when you need.

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Some of our global customers

Organizations and businesses around the world rely on LogonBox to secure and manage their user's access, from large global enterprises to small and mid-market organizations, across every sector.

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