LogonBox Password Self-Service

LogonBox empowers IT teams to deliver exceptional services more efficiently. Offering the essential parts of Password Self-Service LogonBox dramatically reduces IT tickets and helpdesk load, increasing operational efficiency and boosting service desk productivity.

Password Self-Service

Empower end users to manage their own identities; reset passwords, unlock accounts, across multiple systems without helpdesk assistance.

Reset Anywhere

Integrate password reset and account unlock into Windows and Mac login prompts and manage passwords on the go with mobile apps.

Secure Password Vault

Securely control credentials for privileged accounts, services or systems, reduce risk by securely storing, and centrally managing every credential that provides elevated access.

Multiple Directories

Integrate with multiple systems with predefined connectors for on-premise and cloud user directories.

Manage AD Users

Manage Active Directory users and groups, disable unwanted accounts or revoke permissions to mitigate unauthorised access, all from a single interface.

Single Sign-On

Login to web applications automatically with a single set of credentials; auto-login with one click from the web-browser, never remember or share credentials again.

The LogonBox Advantage

1M Users and Counting

Helping IT departments reduce support load, end password tickets and increase productivity all round.

Giving More Value Than Ever

Crammed full of features, password self-service, expiry reminders, desktop integration, mfa, sso, password vault.

Affordable Than Azure P1

Saving you more than 80% of the cost of Azure P1 self-service password reset, you can find out more here.

Choice of SaaS or On-Premise

Pioneers in virtualised sspr you can choose between our carefree SaaS platform or host your own VM-based server.

You're in Good Company

Organisations and businesses around the world rely on LogonBox password self-service to reduce support load and increase operational efficiency, from large global enterprises to small and mid-market organizations across every sector.

Securing millions of users worldwide

Reduce IT Tickets and Increase Productivity

LogonBox password self-service solution, complete password reset self-service platform to help you realise increased profitability by reducing your IT tickets and boosting service desk productivity, click below to get started for free.