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A Free WireGuard Virtual Appliance with Web-based Management UI & Active Directory integration.

Introducing the LogonBox VPN

A Free Virtual Appliance that extends the WireGuard VPN with user management, automated configuration and security and more.

User Management

Transcend the WireGuard VPN with role-based user management. Authorize or restrict user access to sensitive resources and ensure the right people can access what they need. Create new users and onboard team members quickly by assigning users to pre-configured roles defining what network addresses; participants have access to and revoking access with one click when access is no longer needed.

LogonBox VPN adds a user-model to Wireguard

LogonBox VPN automatically creates wireguard config files

Automatic Configuration

Streamline WireGuard client setup with automatic configuration file generation. LogonBox VPN automatically creates WireGuard end-user configuration files based on access settings defined within the management user interface. Optionally, config files can expire, therefore requiring each user to download a new file periodically to help maintain secure access to the network.

Simple Client Setup

Simplify WireGuard client setup with automatic uploading of configuration files. LogonBox VPN makes it super-easy to set up WireGuard native clients; users can either log in and scan an assigned QR code to set up their native WireGuard smartphone app automatically. Or download their config file and double-click to setup their native WireGuard desktop apps.

LogonBox VPN sets up your native wireguard VPN

LogonBox VPN rotates SSH keys

Keep Data Secure

Reduce attack surfaces by rotating user authentication keys. WireGuard uses asymmetric keys stored on the users’ device to authenticate the user on the network, LogonBox VPN extends this by replacing these keys periodically to follow cryptographic best practices. Key rotation mitigates stale or stolen keys by periodically regenerating new ones for every user and helps keep data secure.

Always the same IP

Always keep the same IP address no matter where you are, whether you stay in one place or relocate to another network. With crypto key routing, no matter whether you leave one network and join another, LogonBox VPN assigns you the same IP address just as if you were on a local network, making them easy to manage and share with non-technical users.

LogonBox VPN keeps the same IP address

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Perfect For Small Teams

LogonBox VPN is perfect for startups

Perfect for Small Business

Manage employees and contractors with role-based access. Define what users can access and use native WireGuard clients built into their devices without configuring any files, perfect for non-technical users.

LogonBox VPN is perfect for network admins

Perfect for IT Managers

Enable team members to quickly and securely access the resources they need from anywhere globally, manage who has access to which IP resources, keep the network secure with regular key rotation and authorize and revoke users from logging into the network with role-based access.

LogonBox VPN is perfect for hobbyists

Perfect for Hobbyists

Connect to your home network remotely, the LogonBox VPN server has a small enough footprint to run on a local VM server or even a Raspberry PI, and with uPnP, there is no port forwarding you need to setup. To top things off, LogonBox VPN uses the fastest VPN available, WireGuard.

The Free LogonBox VPN

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