Hypersocket Software Launches Free and Unlimited One Click Single Sign-On Solution.

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Nottingham, UK. Hypersocket Software Limited is pleased to announce the general availability of Hypersocket Single Sign-On. Hypersocket SSO, the only free and unlimited one click access solution that offers unique on-premise virtual deployment, role-based access control and a growing database of over 800 supported applications.

Hypersocket SSO bridges the technological gap where individuals are required to remember multiple usernames and passwords. The objective of the software is to simplify business working habits and increase productivity by allowing seamless and secure access to all the company’s on-premise and cloud based web-apps.

“Employees are accessing a growing number of applications in their daily routine both in the cloud and on-premise business solutions. Our endeavour with Hypersocket SSO has been to secure and simplify user access to these applications without them having to adapt and adopt vendor imposed practices. Hypersocket SSO integrates with the users existing practices so you see an immediate gain in productivity.”, said Lee David Painter, CEO.

As the CEO of Hypersocket Software, Lee has particular interest in providing software that serves multiple purposes from building a robust and contemporary business infrastructure to simultaneously maintaining end-to-end privacy.

Hypersocket SSO

Hypersocket SSO is the only free, unlimited and secure one click single sign on solution. Providing transparent access, robust on-premise security and role based access, Hypersocket SSO provides perfect centralised management of your business applications. Delivered as a unique virtualised on-premise solution Hypersocket SSO puts privacy first giving you complete control of your data.

Hypersocket Software

Hypersocket Software Limited is dedicated to providing easy-to-use network security solutions that deliver high-value at an affordable cost without compromising on complete end-to-end network and data security.

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