The Zero Cost Benefit of Hypersocket Password Manager


Traditionally, password management solutions have incurred a significant cost on time, implementation and maintenance. These are some of the factors of this technology that have caused difficult and cumbersome password experiences for end-users.

Solutions like Hypersocket password manager however are revolutionizing this notion of cumbersome password management solutions by providing companies with a FREE, and easy downloadable product that provides self-service password capabilities to an unlimited amount of users. It’s the only solution that offers this capability at no cost.

From unique on-premise virtual deployment to role-based access and adaptable end-user access, FREE Hypersocket password manager manages your entire application access. The benefits of this solution are aimed at increasing your organization’s productivity while providing greater flexibility without compromising security.

FREE Hypersocket password manager further has the ability to integrate the password manager solutions with hundreds of pre-built applications, providing users with seamless, one-click access without having to remember authentication details again.

All of these FREE features come with the flexibility of a browser-agnostic platform that lets you use your favorite browser to launch and automatically login to your applications simply by keying in the URL.

FREE Hypersocket Password Manager

In today’s economy, the term free is one of the best things to hear when describing the implementation of a new software or tool. So much goes into the development of business cases for the implementation of new services or tools. Particularly in cost centers like the Help Desk, where ITSM solutions can be so expensive, to have a new technology that requires no development costs or implementation costs is paramount to being able to continue to provide your customers with quick and easy access to their data and files on the network.

Another benefit of free technology solutions are how they address the need to appease the C-Level executives, particularly the Chief Financial Officer who traditionally focuses on ROI as the main ingredient in every project and activity regardless of size.

FREE Hypersocket Password Manager is Part of a Greater Community

Information Technology is a powerful enabler of value. The Hypersocket password manager is part of a series of solutions built on the Hypersocket Framework, an open source project that enables rapid development of web-based JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with granular role-based access controls centered on the principle of least privilege.

This Blog was brought to you by Hypersocket and its CEO, Lee David Painter. With over 20 years of industry experience as a pioneer in IT Security, Lee developed the world’s first OpenSource browser-based SSL VPN (SSL-Explorer). Today Lee runs Hypersocket, a leader in virtual private network technology.
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