6 Exciting Updates From 2014

2014 was the year of security breaches with companies one after another who were becoming victims to hackers and data breaches. The climate for 2015 looks to be the aftermath with everyone wondering what can be done to prevent such things in the future.
In 2014, Hypersocket took these incidents and focused upon ensuring that our products would help with the prevention of hackers and breaches by adding in new features and updating others. Here are 6 things that we did in 2014 that will certainly help you in 2015.
1. Updates
We made significant updates in 2014 which included updating the Access Manager from 1.1 to 1.2. We further updated our root and admin process as well as adding a SSH command to help with updating your service account.

2. We have a new look
We asked and you voted. We completed the year 2014 with a new look for our Access Manager 1.2 interface, allowing users to customize the colour theme when they log in.
3. We put a stop to bots
Bots, pesky malware that allows for an attacker to gain control of a computer have been a problem for those on the Internet for years and the number bots being used by hackers are growing every day. We took a stand last year to stop bots from getting to users by adding a new protection called Slider CAPTCHA. This along with the use of Google’s reCAPTCHA helps to stop those bots from getting past.
4. Emergency Mode
No one likes to be caught unaware, so we introduced Emergency Mode, a service status update that will alert you to the Access Manager failing to start. While rare, this allows notifications as well as a support tunnel so a team that can get back in and get you back online.
5. AWS Cloud
For those who enjoy running Access Manager through Amazon’s AWS cloud server, we launched the AMI for installation.
6. Education
As we move forward into 2015, we know there’s a lot of new things that need to be learned or re-learned. That’s why we added new enrollment guides and getting started checklists. These are to help you, our clientele, with learning what to do before setting up Access Manager. This would include how to enroll in the system, setting up preferences, and much more. Both of these have images to guide the end user through creation and set up and both are in a PDF format for easy download and quick review, should some steps be forgotten.
As we continue our journey through 2015, Hypersocket will continue to deliver easy to use management solutions for our clients and their end users. We will continue to improve Access Manager in order to increase productivity, improve security, and reduce help desk load for our clients.
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