Access Manager 1.1: End of Life


In June 2014, Nervepoint Technologies released Access Manager 1.2; it provides a new user interface, support for multiple types of user databases, as well as a range of exciting new features. It can be seen that the Version 1.2 is now a unique product in comparison to Version 1.1.

What is more, 1.2 features and functionalities are further being developed and upgraded and thus, 1.1 will now be unable to work with these new features without it being upgraded to 1.2. Consequently, we would like to announce that Access Manager 1.1 and all related subversions will come to an “End of Life” (EOL) status.

This action will mean the cessation of update support for all 1.1 releases on Thursday 30th April 2015. If you are a customer with an active support subscription and are still using 1.1, we recommend that you first update your system to the 1.1 R16 Early Access release, and contact as soon as possible in order to arrange an upgrade or database migration to 1.2. If you are using a nonstandard Access Manager release, then we recommend installing Access Manager 1.2 ISO to a new virtual machine, and also contacting support, as we will need to migrate your configuration to the new system.

The good news is that whilst we may be ending a version of Access Manager, there is still substantial growth. We will soon be unveiling the first Beta release of the new Access Manager 1.3. This will be building upon everything that has been added in 1.2 as well as providing more security and access control options that include: • New Fine Grain Password Policy Options • Password History Tracking • Group Provisioning • Improved OU/Group Filtering.

We will be releasing more information about Access Manager 1.3 in the forthcoming newsletter.

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