Businesses Integrating Single Sign-On

Hypersocket single sign-on

There are ample advantages of using technology for work purposes and thus, most businesses around the globe have integrated the use of technology. However, employees lament when it comes to password management, whether it is to frequently create a new password, resetting a forgotten password or dealing with one’s locked account. Nevertheless, passwords are one of the most prominent methods by which end users are authenticated access into an application or a particular network. Password management can be very troublesome and tedious within organizations, especially when employees are asked to remember numerous credentials for numerous applications which they would only need to access a few times during the week. Most employees find it difficult to remember credentials which they do not use very often and as a result are locked out of their account.

Recent studies have found that workers who are distracted between projects cannot focus as much as they are capable of. The study further suggested that an individual can take up to 5 to 25 minutes to focus on a particular project before they become absorbed into their work. A common example is having to regularly re-log into applications where the user cannot remember their credentials.

The companion for all businesses: single sign-on

As a solution, most businesses are now gearing towards single sign-on. The concept of single sign-on has been seen for many years now however, the integration of single sign-on or also known as a password manager within businesses has been taking place rapidly from the past few years. A reason being is that user’s love single sign-on as it relives them of having to remember, enter and then re-enter complex credentials to access applications. It is quicker and gives the user the comfort of transitioning from cloud and webapps at a suitable pace where a consistent flow is maintained.

Furthermore, solution like Hypersocket single sign-on eliminates the manual entering of URLs as the applications are already saved within their resources. This means single sign-on can be automatically triggered by an application when the user accesses the application. Making the experience safer and securer, single sign-on access can only be triggered when the user has initially authenticated themselves and signed into their Hypersocket single sign-on account so that they are not logged into their cloud and webapps at all times.

Complete control for managers

As a manager, it can be daunting when it comes to credentials being shared amongst employees especially when new employees are coming on board or current employees are leaving the company. What is more, departments now have employees working on different projects and not all of them require the same credentials, or importantly not all of them need to know the credentials. With Hypersocket single sign-on, the managerial team are given complete control of user accessibility with secure and robust role-based management allowing each individual to have access only to the application they require. Thus, admins can delegate access using permission-based controls, empowering IT leaders to delegate all or parts of the system to any manager. The admin can also set a user timeout session for individual users where the need to re-log into the Hypersocket single sign-on account is required. The admin can track and monitor each user within the auditing section. Auditing and reporting allows managers to leverage lean six sigma for the organization improving quality and management.

Hypersocket single sign-on supports hundreds of business applications such as Skype, Assembla, Gmail, Sugar CRM, Dropbox and social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Users are not limited to the hundreds of pre-built applications as additional applications can be selected and added to the resources. Regardless of business size, different employees need access to different resources. Hypersocket single sign-on forms a concrete platform in which managers can rest assured their management will flourish with seamless access to hundreds of applications, sturdy security and increased productivity levels.

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