The Secret to an Effective VPN


Secure, remote access to mission-critical applications and data is one of the most sought-after capabilities organizations in every sector need. Recently, within the oil and gas sector, for example, massive reserves of liquid natural gas were found off the coast of Tanzania. The ability for third-party vendors to securely and remotely access operational data is often crucial to the speed of a discovery like that.

Another example where VPN technology is critical is in telemedicine, a budding sub-sector within healthcare. Telemedicine enables doctors to remotely assist patients regardless of where either are located, and thus relies heavily on secure access to remote networks and data. Not life-saving, but still important, within post-graduate education classes, the ability for select students and faculty to remotely access sensitive experimental data via a virtual private network is fueling the innovations that may change the landscape of tomorrow.

This demand for virtual private network technology is evident in recent quarterly reports estimating that VPN product demands are experiencing a 120% increase over the year before. Jeff Wilson, who wrote the report for Infonetics, says the numbers indicate that VPN technology is poised to “easily outperform expectations because they are ideal for both end-users and service providers in the middle of IT spending.”

The greatest factor in all of these examples is secure accessibility. In many ways it’s a significant portion of the digital transformation that requires all of us to have unfettered, unrestricted access to the data we need, and for that data to be secure and granular.

Another common trait with all of these scenarios is the need for organizations of all classes and sizes to provide their remote workforce with secure, least-privileged access to company resources anywhere in the world. Hypersocket VPN is a unique hybrid solution that gives your remote workforce the secure, least-privileged access to company resources regardless of location, while supporting simultaneous access to multiple on-premise servers and cloud networks through our multi-homed client.

Least-privilege Role-based Access at the Speed of Hypersocket

Hypersocket VPN gives your remote workforce least-privileged access with LAN-like connectivity speed, just as if they were located in the office. At the heart of Hypersocket VPN is a security architecture that integrates with Active Directory as well as various other user directories. Hypersocket VPN’s role-based access control provides the freedom to ensure the right users have access to right resources, giving your administrators the power to build a remote access environment that’s tailored to your organizations security policy and sector needs.

Hypersocket VPN also provides the transparency many IT security teams require, with the ability to monitor every action remote workers make with detailed auditing and real-time insight. When users launch resources or fail authentication, Hypersocket provides the transparency to keep your network safe, with all controls right at your fingertips.

Finally, Hypersocket VPN empowers organizations with a dedicated on-premise virtual appliance. Hypersocket VPN is built from the ground up as an on-premise solution, whether you’re using VMware, Microsoft or Citrix hypervisors. The result of Hypersocket VPN is improved flexibility with a virtual network that adapts to your business needs and improves your productivity without compromising security.

This Blog was brought to you by Hypersocket and its CEO, Lee David Painter. With over 20 years of industry experience as a pioneer in IT Security, Lee developed the world’s first OpenSource browser-based SSL VPN (SSL-Explorer). Today Lee runs Hypersocket, a leader in virtual private network technology.
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