Identity and Remote Access with Hypersocket Password Manager

ID with Hypersocket

Managing the identity and access privileges of users on your network and IT systems is essential to cybersecurity. Hypersocket Software corporates a suite of ID and access management tools that provide a common user experience and enable organizations to enforce least privilege policies for remote users.

It can automate tasks and make resources available in real-time, enabling collaboration and sharing to an extent not before possible. The emergence of cloud services and increasingly powerful mobile devices are extending these capabilities beyond enterprise perimeter, making the IT system a productivity tool for employees and partners not only in the office, but anywhere in the world. However, unlike most powerful tools, this is a double-edged sword. Remote access to online resources can effectively negate perimeter defences and extend the domain of the insider threat worldwide.

This makes managing identity and the access privilege of users even more essential to cybersecurity. Systems need to be able to authenticate the identity of users, and in some cases also the devices being used for accessing together with the location and type of networks being used. Only then can access privileges be securely granted, based not only on identity, but also the user’s role in the organization and the circumstances of the connection. An employee connecting to a system during business hours over a secure network might be given wider privileges then when connecting from the other side of the world in the middle of the night, for instance.

Effective network security and identity and access management requires both policy and the technology to administer and enforce it. Hypersocket Software has a suite of ID and access management tools that provide a common user experience with a high degree of granularity to enforce access policies for your enterprise and to monitor activity.

Built on an open source framework, Hypersocket Virtual Private Network, File Transfer Server and Single Sign-On Server are powerful yet streamlined solutions that enable granular access control for all of the remote users on the network.

Hypersocket password manager

To ease the burden of managing multiple accounts, Hypersocket password manager lets users log on once to the Hypersocket server to get access to all cloud-based and web-based applications allowing the end user to seamlessly connect to cloud and on-premise applications with a single account.

Hypersocket VPN

Hypersocket VPN provides a cost effective alternative to IPsec or Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol for secure browser-based remote access with the ease of use of SSL. It lends itself well to Bring Your Own Device scenarios in reality, because the client has no direct access to the network. The ability to have connections to multiple sites at the same time enables secure access to a corporate LAN and other resources such as private cloud without the need for a permanent bridge between them.

Hypersocket FTS

The Hypersocket File Transfer (FTS) is an enterprise grade, high performance file server supporting multiple protocols including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and HTTP/S, deployable to any operating system supporting Java. It provides the ability to customize, monitor and control all aspects of the file server’s operations. It can execute tasks for incoming or outgoing files, and zip or unzip on the fly as the files are passed in or out of the system. Alerts are generated for failed transfers and automated tasks such as virus scanning or cleaning up file systems can be scheduled.

To learn more of Hypersocket Software, visit the website here, or for more information on identity management and access management, download our free ebook.

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