Password Self Service Avalon 0.1 Released

Our first beta release of Nervepoint Access Manager a free and simple to use Active Directory Identity Self Service application is finally here! Avalon 0.1
Access Manager Self Service shifts the responsibility of password management from help desk to the end user. Users can effortlessly and securely unlock their own accounts and reset their forgotten passwords without needing to raise a single support ticket! Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service provides administrators with the ability to easily monitor password usage without the headache of another client or endless configuration all in a clean and friendly interface – and of course its free!
Not Just Another Fish in the Sea
There are so many complex and confusing Identity Administration products out there that cost the earth, however we’re not here to follow that crowd. Access Manager and Nervepoint are here to take the pain out of managing Identities by making things simple, painless and inexpensive so that everyone benefits.
Focusing on What’s Important
We aim to achieve this by focusing on solving the core Identity problems, the 80% that affects everyone, while leaving the remaining 20% for other vendors. Doing this means we bring down complexity and improve usability.
Our first release of Nervepoint Access Manager focuses on the key problem of user Self Service. Nervepoint Access Manager makes things simple and effortless by doing all the hard work for you, right from the moment it has downloaded so you can get to work quicker. Users benefit sooner, password resets are a breeze and we’ve taken the pain out of unlocking accounts. Help desk win too because Access Manager Self Service alleviates the need for support to be involved, giving them back more time to do things that are more important.
No Discrimination on Size
We want people to benefit from Nervepoint Access Manager from companies large and small to groups, communities and individuals. Other products are free but add usage restrictions from the number of days you can use the product to limiting the number of Active Directory objects you can interact with. Nervepoint Access Manager has no restrictions no matter how big or small your Active Directory is so you’ll get the same functionality and features.
Eliminate Installation Headaches
Nervepoint Access Manager is packaged as a Virtual Machine image which means its ready right out of the box. No additional downloads or system configurations, just a VM player and an Active Directory and you’re ready to go!
Get Running Quicker
Nervepoint Access Manager installation wizard guides you through the key steps to get you up and running in less time.
Let Us Configure Your AD
Nervepoint Access Manager automatically locates your Active Directory database and populates the essential information so you don’t have to!
We’ll Take Care of Letting Your Employees Know
If you want, Access Manager can automatically email employees with instructions on how to use the system.
No More Client Software
Nervepoint Access Manager is completely web-based so no external clients to install!
Information at Your Fingertips
All information for you to make vital decisions are readily available in an easy dashboard view within the administration console.
Get in Touch
We hope you give Nervepoint Access Manager a spin our forums are open for issues, thoughts comments and ideas so drop by!
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