Identity Self Service for K-12

colouredpencilsSecurity continues to play a critical role in education as K-12 school districts discover new ways of integrating technology into their departments. As some have increased the number of applications and systems the unexpected side-effect is an increased number of accounts, an explosion in password related issues and the threat of identity theft becoming ever more real.
Nervepoint Access Manager can help overcome these challenges by acting as a central point for your users account activities. From password resets to account creation across multiple identity stores Access Manager can help eliminate mounting IT tickets, reduce IT staff pressures, gain control of your users and reduce the threat of account hacking and identity theft.
Nervepoint Access Manager arms you with the ability to:

  • Reduce help desk call load by automating the password self service process
  • Instill better security by encouraging regular password changes and enforcing new non-repeat and complex passwords
  • Reduce the time to enroll students through delegated provisioning workflows so the right people can effortlessly enroll students
  • Reduce identity theft and account hacking through the use of multi-factor authentication practices
  • Enable better monitoring of users across entire identity stores such as multiple Active Directory domains as well as Linux based systems

Access Manager is focused on three core principles:

  • Security – a robust security infrastructure keeps your environment safe and with multi-factor authentication keeps your students safe too
  • Simplicity – a clean clutter free environment means your students access exactly what they need without confusion
  • Affordability – there are no hidden costs, no addons or additional bundles and with our price promise you always get the most affordable product on the planet.

Nervepoint Access Manager is the perfect solution for educational institutions looking to reduce their help desk load, increase security and keep students safe all on a shoestring budget.

Nervepoint Access Manager is free for 30 days hassle free so why not give it a go and if you’re an academic organization ask about our educational discounts.
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