LogonBox VPN 2.3.17 is Here


LogonBox is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LogonBox SSPR 2.3.17.
This release includes connectivity improvements for currently connected clients as well as added support for Turkish in a Windows environment.

Client connectivity improvements

Client connections no longer get interrupted when other clients connect.
Previously any new client connecting to the server would cause all currently connected clients to lose connectivity for about 10-15 seconds, which could cause connections to services such as RDP to lose connectivity and perform an automatic reconnect.

Any new client connection no longer affects the connectivity, and all currently connected clients will continue to work without any packet loss.

Support added for Turkish language Windows OS.

An issue with case sensitivity and the fact that the Turkish language has two letter i’s caused the LogonBox VPN client service to not start up as expected.
The client now works as expected on a Turkish Windows system.

The client should also display in the native language rather than English by default.

Upgrade Instructions

You can upgrade either from the web UI or the operating system directly.

To upgrade from the web UI, log on with your admin account, navigate to Server Status from the main dashboard and click Update. You may also be prompted automatically on login if you have Updates, Features & Licensing->Update Prompt turned on.

To upgrade from the operating system:

On a LogonBox VM – from a shell, type in:

apt update
apt upgrade


Here is a summary of the changes in this release.


  • Support added for Turkish language Windows OS.
  • Client connections no longer get interrupted when other clients connect.


  • Geo IP Restrictions now support a more extensive list of countries in a single rule (it was previously limited to around 52 countries).
  • The defaults for the database connection pool size are limited to a value which will not run out of connections to the underlying MariaDB database.