Getting Started with the LogonBox VPN

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LogonBox VPN tutorial in 5 key steps

Step One
Install and setup the VM

Now that you have downloaded the image you can install the Virtual Machine on your hypervisor.

Hypervisor Instructions
Step Two
Complete the Setup Wizard

Connect your browser to the virtual machine IP address and complete the Setup Wizard to setup the appliance.

Complete Setup
Step Three
Configure User Directory

Connect your VPN to your Active Directory or create user accounts with the built-in user database.

Connect to Active Directory Create User Accounts
Step Four
Connect to the Network

You can now login as a user and download a configuration and OS client to connect to the network.

Windows OSX Linux Android iOS
Step Five
More Information

You can find more information in our documentation, and if you require further assistance, you can always reach out to us for support.

Documentation Email Support