New Release Extends Active Directory Password Policy

We are pleased to announce the release of Access Manager 1.1-R9 this week, not only does it fix a number of bugs but we’ve thrown in some interesting little features too. So without further ado here are the key features for this release:

Override AD Password Policy

Extend your security access policy over that offered by Active Directory. Using the new edit password policy feature you can now override the default password policy defined by AD.

Override AD Password Policy

International Languages

No matter where in the world you are Access Manager now supports multiple languages so and your end users can use their native language. Whereas other vendors offer this as an add-on we’ve made this part and parcel of the core product.

Access Manager Self Service in Spanish
Access Manager in Spanish
Access Manager Self Service in German
Access Manager in German
Password Self Service in French
Access Manager in French

Bug Fixes

Key issues fixed in this release are as follows:

  • Error message correctly states error when trying to password reset to a non LDAPS server
  • Signout link no longer disappears on versions of IE when a new logo is uploaded
  • Sorting by account status now correctly orders by state

Upgrading From Other Releases

Upgrading to the new release from an older version couldn’t be easier, just follow the steps listed below:

  • You should see an upgrade message in your notification panel similar to the one below
    Update Notification
  • If not visit the Configuration->Update page and hit the ‘Check’ button
  • From Configuration->Update hit the ‘Update’ button. This will download all files and restart the server.
    Note: Updates take a few minutes and you should make sure your session does not expire as the server will not automatically restart.
  • That’s all there is to it. Check you have the latest version by looking at the version number in the footer

Download Release

Don’t have a copy of Access Manager or would rather just download the latest version? Then download the latest virtual image here.


Videos for the new and other features can be found on our YouTube channel.
Help articles can be found on our knowledgebase.

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