Password Self Service Challenges

Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly complex with more pressure than ever to reduce costs while at the same time increasing user productivity and improving security levels.
Traditionally password management has been an IT responsibility. With so much at stake, businesses need to be certain that a user’s identity is securely managed. Regulatory compliance initiatives and good security practices require strong password policies and with users having access to more and more resources there is increased risk from insecure password practices.
A consequence of businesses getting bigger and spreading across the globe is increasing pressure on IT and organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to implement a strong self service password management solution.
However, doing so is not easy – there are a number of challenges that must be simultaneously met.

The Challenges

  • Reducing IT costs
  • Reducing IT call volume
  • Maximize user adoption
  • Strong security business-wide
  • Business user acceptance
  • Simplicity across the business

How We Address the Challenges

Access Manager provides a number of components that tackle these challenges head on:

Multiple Access Points

Access Manager provides not only the defacto web-portal for password management and administration access but complements this with Windows desktop portal as well as a dedicated native mobile app. The range of access options increases user adoption by providing every possible way of managing your password.

Secure Authentication

With a number of authentication methods Nervepoint Access Manager goes above and beyond to ensure the right users manage the right identity

Secure Communication

Access Manager securely accesses Active Directory variants but unlike other vendors also supports Unix systems too. This not only maintains a strong secure access channel but simplifies password management for users with access to multiple resources

Business Reporting to get Management Buy-in

Access Manager not only provides real-time dashboard for administrators to monitor password activity but all system events are monitored too. End users benefit with notifications and business users have the ability to see password management activity

Simplicity Across the Business

With an intuitive web portal that is replicated across both desktop and mobile platforms users can easily manage their identity. Administrators are provided with a comprehensive portal providing a clean user friendly dashboard detailing the most vital information, an array of security options and the ability to integrate Nervepoint Access Manager into the corporate environment through desktop and mobile branding abilities.

Reducing IT Calls and Costs

Reducing costs is one of the most significant factors in business and never more so than in challenging economic conditions such as those being faced by enterprises across the board today.
IT solutions and automation can play a pivotal role in achieving this so with an array of access points, in-depth reporting and range of connectors, Nervepoint Access Manager is designed to cost effectively manage the entire organisation. The greater the number of users, the greater the savings in IT costs meaning faster return on investment and a reduced load on IT.
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