Self-Service Password Reset

  • Reset passwords instantly without IT help

  • Get your team back to work in minutes

  • Eliminate password tickets

  • Reset from the Desktop, Web or Mobile App

self service password reset

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LogonBox Self-Service Password Reset eliminates the need for time-consuming password reset tickets, allowing your team to get back to work in an instant. With our easy-to-use interface, users can quickly and easily reset their passwords without having to rely on IT support. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce support costs and improve productivity across your organization.

You’re in Good Company

Ryder use LogonBox SSPR
The NHS use LogonBox to manage passwords
Verizon empower users with LogonBox self-service password reset solution
Accenture use LogonBox for password resets
Salus university use LogonBox to manage password resetes
Pfizer use LogonBox password reset solution to end password tickets

Self Service Password Reset Benefits

LogonBox SSPR is simple to set up and comes with a whole host of benefits for your business and the individual user.

Get user back logged back in quicker by resetting passwords securely from anywhere.

Keep your data safe and benefit quicker with a self-contained virtual appliance install that requires no extra hardware.

Empower users by giving them the tools they need to be self-sufficient.

Stay productivie by managing Active Directory users from a single interface.

Protect your users and company data with the best security measures possible – secure multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Save money with the most cost effective solution and reduce 80% on the cost of Azure AD

Log Back in Quicker and Stay Producitive

Too often, password and account management is a burden placed on already overworked IT help desks, resulting in long wait times for end-users who need to reset their password or unlock their account. LogonBox self service password reset (SSPR) enables end-users to reset their password, unlock their account and manage passwords across Active Directory and cloud directories 24/7 without helpdesk assistance. By empowering end-users to manage their identities, you can free up valuable time and resources for your IT staff. With LogonBox SSPR, you can improve security by ensuring that passwords are strong and rotated on a regular basis. You can also reduce the risk of data breaches caused by insider threats.

Quick password resets
Protect data with MFA

Keep Your Users and Data Secure

In today’s digital age, self service password reset is more important than ever before. businesses need to be able to protect their data and user information, and LogonBox Self Service Password Reset is the perfect solution. It supports a complete list of MFA authentication methods, including Duo, Yubikey and Microsoft Authenticator. Plus, it comes with its own 2FA app called LogonBox Authenticator, so you don’t need to buy a separate third-party authenticator. LogonBox SSPR protects your business and user data with the best security measures possible.

Stay in Control of Your Data

LogonBox SSPR is an on-premise solution for self-service password reset that can get you productive quickly. With a virtual appliance, there are no extra downloads or hardware worries. It eliminates password tickets faster, making it the ideal solution for busy IT help desks. LogonBox SSPR integrates with your current infrastructure and requires no changes to your existing systems. It is easy to deploy and manage and offers a high level of security.

Virtual self service password reset server
Cloud SSPR

Benefit Quicker with No Install

LogonBox provides a cloud password reset solution that is quick and easy to set up. Our software as a service (SaaS) edition is designed for businesses that want the convenience of a cloud-based solution without the hassle of managing their own infrastructure. Our SaaS edition is also designed to be scalable, so you can add more users as your business grows. You can find more details on LogonBox SSPR SaaS edition here.

LogonBox SSPR Features

Self Service Password Reset

Enable users to self-reset passwords without service desk intervention across multiple systems all from a single account.

Self-Service Password Unlock

Empower users to unlock their accounts without any helpdesk involvement from a single interface.

Password Protection

All passwords are verified against well-known password breach databases to ensure users are not using compromised passwords.

Desktop Password Resets

Integrate password self-service options into Windows and Mac to enable users to password reset from the desktop login prompt.

Secure MFA Resets

Increase security with multi-factor and multi-step authentication before users reset or manage passwords.


Notify users before their password expire and notify users to enroll in the system as a single email reminder or on a schedule.

LogonBox Self Service Password Reset

Experience the power of LogonBox self-service password reset for free.

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