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Discover LogonBox Self-Service Password Reset

Complete password reset self-service to end password tickets and streamline your service desk

Benefits for Business

Streamline Work

By empowering business users to securely and safely reset their passwords, unlock accounts, across Active Directory, O365, GSuite and more, LogonBox unshackles users from depending on IT helpdesk so they can focus on getting things done.

Secure Users

Verify every user before any password is changed or account unlocked whether against Active Directory, O365, OpenLDAP, with multi-step authentication; sleep better with next-level multi-factor authentication including Duo authentication, Yubikey - keep your business and users safe.

Increase Profits

More tickets equals more cost, with LogonBox managing web-application access and passwords across multiple systems, users no longer need to wait on the service desk, opening the path for a streamlined service desk resulting in fewer tickets, more free time and increased profits.

Up Productivity

With LogonBox users can automatically login to web-applications from their browser with a single-click no longer needing to remember credentials and can manage passwords as and when they need to without waiting, this streamlined process increases user productivity and overall security.

Self Service Password Reset

Empower business users to reset their passwords without helpdesk

  • Empower business users to reset their passwords without helpdesk
  • Self-service account unlock single or multiple accounts
  • Have business users notified before their passwords expire
  • Manage passwords across multiple systems
  • Enforce strong password policy and override default rules
  • Enrol users quicker with a registration wizard to guide users through each step
Send Expiry Reminders

Keep users secure by sending scheduled reminders when their passwords are near expiry, set it on a schedule to remind users even after their password has expired.

Secure User Identities

Integrate multi-factor authentication before any password or account change and secure webapp access by enabling MFA authentication when logging into the sso portal.

Multiple Directories

Change passwords on multiple systems not just Active Directory

  • Manage passwords on cloud systems - o365, Google Apps
  • Manage passwords on unix based systems - Linux, Unix, Solaris
  • Manage passwords on legacy systems, AS400, SAP Hana
  • Manage user passwords on SQL databases
  • Manage passwords on LDAP based user directories, Active Directory, OpenLDAP
Manage Your Users

Create and manage Active Directory users and groups all from the LogonBox interface, assign service desk technicians roles to manage OUs on the administrators behalf.

Avoid Backdoor Access

Manage passwords across one or more systems by logging in with a single account and automatically link accounts from different systems and disconnect them when user leaves.

Reset Passwords Remotely

Change passwords remotely, outside of the web portal

  • Reset passwords and unlock accounts from the Windows login prompt without needing to log-in
  • Reset passwords and unlock accounts on Mac with the OSX plugin, enabling users to reset passwords before logging-in
  • Reset passwords and unlock AD accounts when out of the office using the Android and iPhone apps
Keep Working Anywhere

No matter where users are, what timezone, enable business users to manage passwords without waiting on the service desk.

Manage Passwords Securely

Manage passwords across all linked systems not just AD from the mobile app, continue to verify actions with multi-factor authentication including Google Authenticator and one-time passcodes.

Single Sign-On Portal

Login to web apps securely without remembering credentials

  • Automatically login to web applications securely with just one-click
  • Provide a single interface for business users to launch applications
  • Eliminate the need to remember multiple credentials or business users sharing credentials
  • Auto-login to any web applications using secure token-less SAML authorization
  • Control which users have access to which applications
  • Provide flixibility for business users to manage their web applications

Everything You Need to Reduce Support Load and Boost Productivity


Enable users to self-reset passwords without service desk intervention across multiple systems all from a single account.

Self-Service Unlock

Empower users to unlock their accounts without any helpdesk involvement from a single interface.

Multiple Directories

Synchronise passwords across multiple systems including local AD, Azure AD (O365), Google, LDAP, Linux, iSeries.


Notify users before their password expire and notify users to enroll in the system as a single email reminder or on a schedule.

Remote Resets

Integrate password self-service options in the Windows and Mac login prompt or provide users the mobile apps for remote resets.

Secure MFA

Increase security with multi-factor and multi-step authentication before users manage passwords or access cloud-applications.

Password Database

Avoid repeat and insecure passwords by comparing password changee against a database of weak passwords or integrate with a remote password server.

Single Sign-On

Increase productivity with seamless one-click access to web-applications, enable users to access all their apps with just one identity.

Password Vault

Centrally manage credentials to privileged resources and assign credentials to select users through roles as and when needed.

Ready to Free Your IT Teams?

LogonBox password self-service solution, complete password reset self-service platform to help you realise increased profitability by reducing your IT tickets and boosting service desk productivity, click below to get started.


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